Luna poses with her Zuke's Z-Bones

Dental health for dogs is just as important as it is for you and the rest of your family. Just like with people, poor dental hygiene can lead to pain, poor overall health, and costly procedures later in life.

Regular brushing is the best way to ensure your dog’s teeth stay healthy and pearly white. As a dog mom I know that brushing a dog’s teeth isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Luna only ever wants to eat the toothbrush and will never ever sit still. Unfortunately, in most cases getting comfortable brushing your dog’s teeth takes time and training.

Luna wants a Zuke's Z-Bone

While they aren’t a complete replacement, dog dental chews definitely help make life a lot easier. The only issue is that there are so many dental chews on the market that are loaded with stuff your dog doesn’t really need or even with ingredients that cannot be completely digested.

That is where Zuke’s Z-Bones come in. Zuke’s was founded in 1995 with the belief that dog treats should only contain natural ingredients that provide nutrients your dog actually needs.

Zuke’s makes a wide variety of dog treats ranging from training treats to jerky and more. Many of which Luna is already a big fan! Although I had used many of Zuke’s other products, I hadn’t tried Zuke’s Z-Bones with Luna before we had the opportunity to try them out.

A pile of Zuke's Z-Bones

They were a huge hit! Even before getting her first taste, Luna could not sit through our photo shoot without demanding she give one of the Z-Bones a try. Once she finally got the opportunity to enjoy one, she was extremely happy. Although these dental chews, don’t last forever, especially if you have a heavy chewer like Luna, but they can provide a moment of distraction and help clean your dog’s teeth.

Z-Bones are available in four different sizes for dogs 10 lbs+ and in three different flavors – clean apple crisp, clean carrot crisp, and clean berry crisp. These grain-free dental chews are highly digestible and made in the USA with fruits, veggies, and natural breath fresheners like Alfalfa, Parsley, Rosemary, and Fennel. Z-Bones are available on Amazon.

I’m a happy dog mom when it comes to using Zuke’s Z-Bones because my dog loves them and I feel good giving them to her.

Luna enjoys a Zuke's Z-Bone

For more from Zuke’s follow them at @ZukesPets on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. From May 1 – June 30, 2015, Zuke’s will donate $5 to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund for each action-packed photo that is shared with hashtag #FuelTheCure.

What do you use in your dog’s dental hygeine routine?

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Jessica Shipman
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