Have you ever wondered what really goes into writing a blog? Lucky for you the Writer’s Process Blog Tour is traveling around the pet blogger community right now.

Photo courtesy of DOGthusiastThe Writer’s Process Blog Tour gives you an inside peek at the writing process of blogs you love plus ones completely new to you. As a part of the tour, each blogger answers three questions and then passes the baton on to three more bloggers!

I excitedly accepted by invitation from Jen of DOGthusiast. Jen writes all about life with her two dogs, Mort and Tig. DOGthusiast is also an amazing resource for pet training and health information. It is apparent from both Jen’s writing and meeting her in person that she has an amazing sense of humor, which has helped launched the phenomenon #DogsWithCarts. She also make pretty awesome decals and whole lot of other things over at Stylish Canine.

What am I working on?

I am working on a lot of different ideas. I have numerous drafts and endless emails to myself with different post ideas. However, there are a few things that come to top of my priority list.

I’m working on a series covering pet friendly activities in Virginia. I hope this series will never end as more pet friendly opportunities will become available. For now, the series kicked off with pet friendly wineries.

Also in the pipeline are a few posts about saving money while being an awesome pet parent.

Why do I write what I do?

I write what I do because raising a pet is an endless learning process. My content seems to be ever evolving and I’m still trying to find our focus because I just keep learning.

I write what I do because I want to share what I learned. I want each and every pet parent to have access to the most accurate and update information. My goal is that pet parents everywhere can make educated decisions that yield the best results for themselves and their furry friends.

How does my writing process work?

My writing process is not a complex one. Primarily, I do two things.

1. If I think of an idea or come across an interesting article else where, I write it down or email it to myself. I know if I don’t do this I will forget.

2. I take photos all the time. Photos are a huge inspiration for me. It is rare that I have a post idea, but no photos to go along with it. One of my favorite examples of how a photo inspired a post is when I wrote about Pet Cool Down Zones. While I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, it later occurred to me how important this idea was and how much I wanted to help it spread.

The last part of my writing process is prioritization. With an endless list of post ideas and tons of photos, I have to prioritize somewhere. Some posts, like product reviews, require a certain date, so I organize things in a spread sheet in chronological order.

The last last part of my writing process is flexibility because sometimes you work hard fleshing out an idea for a post, but then something better comes along.

Now what?

If this wasn’t a big enough glance into what lies behind Beagles and Bargains, you can always learn more about me, the human behind it.

And now I am challenging two amazing bloggers to share a bit of the secrets going to pass the power on to two amazing blogs.

Bunny and Carma from Carma Poodale

Photo courtesy of Carma Poodale
Carma Poodale was one of the very first pet blogs I started following when I was thinking about starting Beagles and Bargains. I virtually met Carma and Bunny via Twitter and felt so welcomed into the community that I jumped right in. Carma Poodale is a fluffy white poodle, who is both a service dog and rescue spokes dog. Carma and her human Bunny, do amazing things for rescue animals and all while writing a fun and entertaining blog!

Alix and Buster from Fetch for Me, Human

Photo courtesy of Fetch for Me, HumanWhen I first saw the face of Buster, Alix’s English Bulldog/Shar Pei mix and one of the stars of Fetch for Me, Human, I just couldn’t contain myself! As adorable and wrinkly as Buster is, he is also allergy-ridden and requires a little extra care. Alix handles all that with such grace and even shares everything she learns about dog nutrition. Fetch for Me, Human is also full helpful training tips especially for leash reactive dogs like Buster.

I was too lazy to hunt down a third blogger, so here are the writing processes of bloggers I would have chosen had I been quicker to nominate!

Jodi, Kolchak, and Felix from Kol’s Notes
Cathy and Harley from Groovy Goldendoodles
AJ and Tavish from I Still Want More Puppies

Now go visit my friends and start (or continue) your journey on the Writer’s Process Blog Tour!

Jessica Shipman
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