Last weekend I finally broke down and bought several items that were on my and Luna’s wish list.

Luna shows off recent purchases.

I have read numerous posts that rave about the Fifth Paw and I always see Sugar the Golden Retriever making it look so good. I (like most people?) am not a huge fan of holding poop, so I thought I would figure out what it is all about.

SlimDoggy and Rocco Havanese taught me a lot about how dog’s can benefit from practicing balance. Why not give it a try too? Maybe Luna will not mind elevators as much with a little practice.

I also added a JW Hol-ee Roller Ball to my online shopping cart, except it is just as much a toy for me as it is for Luna. Come back later this week to see what we did with our new ball!

What would you buy if you could go on a shopping spree with you pet?

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Jessica Shipman
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