For the past five days I have been on vacation in Dallas, TX without Luna. It has been a nice escape from Northern Virginia humidity, but it has been blazing hot at 100 degrees or over every day! We have gotten up early to enjoy the cooler mornings and taken long walks and jogs on the Katy Trail.

Despite the temperatures, I have seen plenty of dogs out exercising in the early mornings when it is coolest for them. The Friends of Katy Trail currently have an ongoing promotion to educate pet owners on how heat affects their pets. I was so thrilled about these eye catching posters that I snapped a few photos!

Katy Trail Dallas dog safety

Does your city or town work to pet safety in the summer heat?

Although Luna could not tag along this time, she is on vacation too! She is currently enjoying a relaxing stay at Casa de Cousin Keto’s and the home of my parents. She can run around in a fenced back yard and bark at all the cats. What could be better than that?

Luna is ready to go back outside and play!

Luna is ready to go back outside and play!

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Jessica Shipman
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