Before I adopted Luna, I was asked a lot of “What if” questions.

What if I had a baby?

What if I moved?

What if I got married?

What would happen to Luna?

She’d get a new sibling.

She’d come on a new adventure.

She’d have someone new to beg for treats.

In other words, she wouldn’t go anywhere. She is family.

I have always known it is a lot easier to say things than to actually follow through with them when the time comes, but my words hadn’t yet been challenged.

That is until yesterday.

I have been having this weird issue with my ears for the past year or so and in an attempt to gain more information, I had an allergy test done.

The allergist I saw was fairly convinced I would be allergic to Luna. She asked me before the test, “What would you do if you’re allergic to your dog?”

Without skipping a beat, I stared at her point blank and said “Nothing.” I’ve lived with this ear pain for over a year. Luna is my baby. She won’t go anywhere.

Luna on her first day home.

Luna on her first day home.

It wasn’t a big test, but I passed. Then and there I knew that going to that adoption event in October 2012 was the best decision I have ever made.

Turns out I’m not allergic to dogs or really anything else for that matter, but that wouldn’t of changed how much I forcibly snuggled Luna when I got home.

Have you ever faced a similar challenge? How did you conquer it?

Jessica Shipman
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