ID tags and dogs go together like peas in pod or peanut butter and jelly. I mean even the army calls them “dog tags”. We all know they exist and should in theory have our dogs wear them, but why? April seems to the month to talk about it with Every Day Is Tag Day (April 7, 2018) and National Pet ID Week (April 15-21, 2018) falling within the month, so that’s just what we are going to do!

Why Should My Pet Wear ID Tags? | #sponsored by Sleepypod | {dog, cat, pet, lost dog, id tag}

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Why Should Pets Wear ID Tags?

The short and sweet answer is that it will help you be reunited should they ever get lost.

Did you know that only 20% of pets get reunited with their families? That’s absolutely insane to me. If something were to happen to Ralph or Luna, I would want to do everything possible to help get us reconnected. The thing is that a lot of what you can do happens BEFORE your pet gets lost including having an updated ID tag.

Why Should My Pet Wear ID Tags? | #sponsored by Sleepypod | {dog, cat, pet, lost dog, id tag}

No method is full-proof, so I use three ways of identification for my dogs. They have a standard ID tag with their name, my name, and contact information engraved on it. I actually choose to use an email address or cell phone number since those don’t change as often as mailing addresses or home phones (if you even still have one).

For a regular ID tag, I look for something that is durable enough to withstand being on my dog’s collar almost 24/7. I want to make sure the tag won’t be damaged and the engraving won’t fade. One of my favorite options are the Sleepypod Pendants because they are well made and designed to last.

The pendants are thicker than most standard tags and are easy to clean because they are non-porous and won’t absorb dirt. The materials (100% stainless steel and 18k gold-plated stainless steel) resist fading and will not oxidize or change color, so that means no corroding, rust, or stains! The engraving is done with Sleepypod’s Diamond Deep Engraving which will not fade, keeping your contact info readable just in case.

Why Should My Pet Wear ID Tags? | #sponsored by Sleepypod | {dog, cat, pet, lost dog, id tag}

Plus, the 6 adorable designs that the pendants come in (and 2 sizes) also let you express your dog or your personality. And you can even get a matching one for yourself to put on a bracelet, key chain, or necklace!

The second method of identification is a microchip. I think it is super important to get your dog microchipped because vet offices and shelters often check for it and it’s a great fallback if your pet’s collar or tags fall off, but I don’t think it replaces an ID tag. It’s possible that the chip might move or that the person who finds your pet won’t scan for it. If your pet is wearing tags then it’s a bit more obvious that they are a lost pet and who needs to be contacted right away!

The third method is an electronic or QR tag. We love PetHub. These tags feature a QR code that can be scanned with almost any modern mobile phone. Scanning the code notifies PetHub that the pet is lost and has been found. They then help get the pet back to their family pretty much anyway they can. This is a great resource if you can’t be reached right away for any reason or need help communicating with the person who found your pet.

Why Should My Pet Wear ID Tags? | #sponsored by Sleepypod | {dog, cat, pet, lost dog, id tag}

For ANY of these identification methods to be functional and helpful, they need to be up to date. Any time you move add it to your to-do list to update all three. I also like to do a check at the beginning of the year to make sure I didn’t forget or a sudden change slipped my mind.

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How many forms of ID does your pet have?

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Why Should My Pet Wear ID Tags? | #sponsored by Sleepypod | {dog, cat, pet, lost dog, id tag}

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