Have you ever noticed an unwanted yellow burn patch in your otherwise lush, green lawn? Have you ever wondered how or why it got there?

You may be surprised to learn that when you let your dog out (or walk them) for a bathroom break, your pup’s urine is to blame. If you take different paths on your walks or if you dog likes to vary their potty spot, then you might not notice these spots as often. But if your dog uses a favorite spot to relive themselves every day, then you may see these nasty yellow spots more frequently.

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

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There are three possible reasons that your dog’s urine could cause grass burns: the concentration of urine, the pH of the urine, and the urine’s nitrogen levels. Keep on reading to learn more and a few ways to avoid these eyesores in the future.

3 Reasons Dog Urine Burns Grass

Female dogs are believed to cause more grass stains because they generally squat and pee in one spot while male dogs tend to urinate in smaller amounts (“marking”) as the move along. This makes their urine more concentrated. Larger dogs also tend to just urinate more, which deposits larger amounts into the grass in a single spot.

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

If your dog’s urine is too acidic (pH higher than 7), then it will likely cause grass burns in your yard. You can control your dog’s pH and ensure it is in the healthy range (pH of 6-6.5) by feeding them a healthy diet. Urine that is too acidic or if it goes the other way and is too basic, could predispose your dog to health issues. If you have any concerns about the pH of your dog’s urine, then you should take a sample to your veterinarian for a urinalysis.

The third reason a yellow burn is the nitrogen in your dog’s urine. It is normal for your dog’s urine to contain nitrogen and regular amounts can actually be beneficial for grass (like a nitrogen-containing fertilizer). But high nitrate levels can cause damage and those ugly grass burns. The key to preventing this type of grass burn is reducing the amount of nitrogen that comes in contact with your yard and that’s where Dog Rocks® come into play!

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

What Are Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks are just that… rocks for dogs! They help remove those pesky nitrates from your dog’s drinking water and therefore your dog’s urine. And yes, they are actual rocks!

Dog Rocks are super easy to use! All you need to do is put them in your dog’s water bowl. Dog Rocks are porous, so while they sit in your dog’s water bowl they filter and purify the water, removing some impurities (nitrates, ammonia, aluminum, etc.) from it. In the end your dog has cleaner water to drink and those impurities are no longer passed along to your grass via your dog’s urine.

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

An added bonus to Dog Rocks is that they actually help your dog fertilize your lawn. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! You can read more about Dog Rocks here.

To use Dog Rocks, rinse them and add them to your dog’s drinking water. Add the rinsed rocks to a maximum of 2 liters of water. It will take about 8-10 hours for the rocks to start working in the water. Dog Rocks should be replaced every 2 months. Visit Dog Rocks’ website for more helpful tips on their use.

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

Dog Rocks will not help mend already burned grass, but they should prevent new spots from appearing or existing spots from worsening or growing.

If your dog shares their water with other household pets (like cats), don’t worry! Dog Rocks are safe for all animals. They come straight from the Earth and can be put back once you are done using them.

Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

You can find a 2 month supply of Dog Rocks on Amazon (affiliate link) for $16.99.

If you want to learn more about Dog Rocks, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter! Don’t forget to check out the Dog Rocks website for more information about their products.

Do you have urine burns in your yard? How have you tried to prevent them?

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Why Does My Dog’s Urine Burn Grass? {And How Dog Rocks Can Help!}

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