Recently, I noticed that on our longer walks Luna tends to relieve herself multiple times along the way. Initially, I thought she just needed to go to the bathroom because we were walking longer and further than normal. Then she started urinating 3, 4, or even 5 times on a walk, but only a little bit each time after the first.

This couldn’t be because her bladder was suddenly full on our walk. There had to be something else at play here. I considered a possible infection, but it didn’t seem to fit the bill. I knew that male dogs sometimes used urine to mark and I wondered if it was possible for female dogs to mark too.

Turns out female dogs do occasionally mark too! While it is more common for a male dog to mark, it is not unheard of for a female to do the same.

Why Do Female Dogs Mark?

  1. Female dogs typically mark when they are in heat. Spaying your dog can potentially solve or reduce this problem. Luna is spayed, but she wasn’t until a bit later in her life since she was rescued at about a year and half.
  2. A marking female dog may have a bit higher levels of testosterone than normal, which urge her to participate in the urine marking.
  3. Female dogs may urinate over a spot where another dog has urinated.

Keep in mind that male dogs might mark for other reasons. If your dog is marking rule out health concerns first such as a urinary tract infection (UTI).

Why Do Female Dogs Mark?

Does your dog mark?

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Jessica Shipman
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