Back in mid-March Luna and I went to the Super Pet Expo. When we were there we ran into Walk Your Dog With Love and learned about their front clipping harness. We had never used a front clipping harness before and since Luna is a heavy puller, we were willing to give it a try!

The front clip design aims to give the walker more control during the walks. Walk Your Dog With Love designed their harness to combat oppositional pulling or when dogs (or any animal) pulls away when they are pulled on. According to Walk Your Dog With Love, attaching the lead at the front prevents dogs from pulling forward as it causes them to turn slightly. The front clip is also designed to leave dogs in a natural “heel” position.


The Walk Your Dog With Love harness comes in many sizes. You can size by both weight and body measurements.

Luna and I have been using our harness for about three weeks now. Luna has just started obedience training, so she is not formally leash trained. Prior to using Walk Your Dog With Love’s harness, walking with Luna was more of a stressful work out than a pleasurable experience. Since starting to use the harness, I have seen significant improvement in the amount of pulling from Luna. The harness definitely makes going on walks easier and more enjoyable for both of us.

As another bonus from the harness, I have also noticed Luna pulls less on just her collar or on other harnesses. The difference is definitely not as dramatic as with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, but it seems to help Luna learn that pulling is not good. This was all before any obedience training too!

The harness is also incredibly easy to put on. Once fitted correctly all you have to do is slip the triangle part of the harness over your dog’s head and then buckle it under his or her belly.


Walk Your Dog With Love Harness

Fitting the harness can be a little tricky. Luckily we got it fitted at the Super Pet Expo. Walk Your Pet With Love also has two great videos on how to fit and adjust the harness. Below is the first one. You can find the second one here.

The harness is designed to give your dog a customize fit, but this means that you have to sew a tiny part in place once you find the perfect fit. It can be a little inconvenient to do this if you are like me and do not sew much. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do this. If not, it is possible for your dog to slip out of the harness. Watch the video above for details.

The only issue we had with the harness was that Luna seemed to get tangled more often with the clip in the front. We did not see this as much when used with a retractable leash or a leash that is kept taught.


The Walk Your Dog With Love harness is a great harness for heavy pullers. Do not expect instant or perfect results, but Luna did show improvement. Be sure to stitch the harness to get the customize fit!

Walk Your Dog With Love guarantees their harness 100%. If you are not satisfied they will work with you to find a solution!

Currently the harness sells for $28.95 plus shipping. You can get it on Walk Your Dog With Love’s website or through Amazon.

IRS 1040 SALE (10% OFF!):

Walk Your Dog With Love is selling the harness for only $26.05 plus shipping through 4/18/13
Walk Your Dog With Love’s other products are on sale too!

Is your dog a heavy puller? Have you ever tried the Walk Your Dog With Love Harness?

This post was updated at 10:00AM on 4/18/13 to update the pricing. Unfortunately the sale previously mentioned is not available to the general public. The correct sale has been added. Sorry for the confusion.

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