UPDATE: Viva Coco is currently updating their website. For now you can order Viva Coco on Amazon (affiliate link).

Luna likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Okay no not really. Luna pretty much hates the rain and unfortunately, isn’t allowed to have Piña Coladas since alcohol is a big NO NO for dogs.

But thanks to Viva Coco, I do now know that Luna likes coconut after they sent us a sample to try.

Hey, what's that smell? Viva Coco!

Hey, what’s that smell? Viva Coco!

Viva Coco is all natural coconut water made just for dogs by Innovative Pet Solutions. This creative product is actually a powder that mixes easily with regular water, so it is much easier to transport and store.

This powder adds extra flavor to tap or bottled water (depending on your preference). It is great at encouraging Luna to drink enough water to stay hydrated which is crucial especially during summer months.

Luna has a tendency to be incredibly lazy and only drink water when she really, really needs it. At that point it is probably already to late, so we have to trick her into drinking water by putting water in her meals or delivering water as a treat.

Viva Coco makes the perfect treat to trick Luna into staying hydrated.

Coconut water also has some added benefits for dogs including fresher breath and healthy skin, coat, bones, and joints.

Preparing Viva Coco to stay hydrated

Preparing Viva Coco to stay hydrated

For these benefits and hydration, up to 1-2 tbsp of Viva Coco is recommended per day, depending on your dog’s size. Each tbsp dissolves in about 8 oz of water. Don’t be surprised if you see a bit of the powder settling on the top; it is completely normal.

However, Viva Coco is not recommended for obese or diabetic dogs.

A 7.76 oz bag contains up to 20 servings of Viva Coco and costs $19.99. You can also purchase three bags at a time for $49.99. Right now, Viva Coco is for sale in the online store.

Plus, each bag has a picture of Bradlee the Puggle. Luna is sort of a mutant (mostly Beagle) Puggle. See the resemblance?

We plan to continue to enjoy Viva Coco all summer long. Who knows maybe I’ll even throw a piece of pineapple in there.

Luna enjoys Viva Coco

Luna enjoys Viva Coco

Your dogs can enjoy Viva Coco this summer too!

We are giving away a bag of Viva Coco to FIVE Beagles and Bargains readers.

USA residents are eligible to enter via the Rafflecopter below. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST on Friday, June 20, 2014.

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