If you don’t know already, I am from Virginia. I have lived here for most of my life with the brief exception of being born in Florida and going to college in New York. Despite spending many years here, I feel like I haven’t seen or done as much as I would like. I’ve written about our trips and adventures in the past, but today I’m being a little selfish and am writing about the pet friendly places that I want to go in Virginia.

5 Pet Friendly Places to Visit in Virginia

5 Pet Friendly Places to Go in Virginia

1. Occoneechee State Park
This park is located in Southern Virginia on the John H. Kerr Reservoir (Buggs Island Lake) of the Roanoke River. The park includes pet friendly campsites and cabins, though there may be a small pet fee. The park of course also has water views and access. Twenty miles of trails run through this state park, which are great for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. We hope to go camping at Occoneechee this year!

2. Three Fox Vineyards
This winery is super dog friendly (or at least from the reviews) and also allow dogs inside the tasting room, which I think is super important for a pet friendly winery experience. Three Fox Vineyards is only about 45 minutes away, so we will definitely be visiting soon!

Pet Friendly Wineries in Virginia

3. Shenandoah National Park
Not all national parks allow, but fortunately Shenandoah National Park does. While I have visited a few times before, like on field trips as a kid, I haven’t visited with Luna. This national park offers pet friendly trails (over 500 miles!) and camping. There are a few trails where dogs aren’t permitted, so check before you go. Shenandoah National Park is only about an hour and a half outside Northern Virginia, so we will be visiting soon!

4. Mount Vernon
If you grow up in Northern Virginia, it is pretty much required that you have to visit George Washington’s Mount Vernon at least once. I visited my fair share of times, but now that feels so long ago! I was surprised to learn that Mount Vernon actually has a walking tour for dogs! All the President’s Pups Walking Tour is a 1.25 mile walk where participants can bring their dog and learn about George Washington’s love for dogs. Dogs are also permitted on the grounds of Mount Vernon, but not inside historical buildings, museums, or shops.

Pet Friendly Hiking in Virginia

5. The Appalachian Trail
Virginia is home to 544 miles of the Appalachian Trail and although I have hiked part of it, I definitely have not conquered it all. All parts of the trail in Virginia allow dogs, but there are three segments that do not (one in Maine, New York, and North Carolina). Many parts of the trail also require dogs to be leashed. I hope see most if not all of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia in the coming years.

Bonus: Shipman, Virginia
This small town is pretty much required to be on my list since it’s my last name. I have no idea if it’s pet friendly, but I feel like it is a place I have to visit before I die, even if their 2010 Census count was only 507!

Pet Friendly Camping in Virginia

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Where is your favorite pet friendly place to visit?

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