I’m writing this post from Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We are currently en route to Nashville for the 2015 BlogPaws Conference, which begins this Thursday, May 28, 2015. We are splitting up our drive into a few different days instead of driving the 9-10 hours straight.

Yesterday we drove about 4 hours and spent the night in Blacksburg, Virginia. This morning we took a walk around the Virginia Tech campus, which is where my boyfriend (and chauffeur) went to college.

52 Snapshots of Life - SKY - Tennessee Sky

After Luna was a little tired out, we hit the road again for another 3 hours toward Pigeon Forge. Some dog decided to whine and complain until we pulled over to get her bed out. Once she was fully snuggled, we were able to carry on with our trip as she snoozed in the back.

Tonight we had an easy night with a bit of shopping and a lot of eating. Tomorrow we will visit a few different overlooks in the Great Smoky Mountains because unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed on almost all of the trails in the National Park. We might also find some dog friendly hiking trails outside of the park.

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52 Snapshots of Life - SKY - Tennessee Road Trip

Do you have any road trips planned this summer? Where are you headed?

This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge theme is SKY and this post is my submission. If you’d like to see more photos from our 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge, you can view them all over in my Flickr 52 Snapshots of Life photo album.

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Jessica Shipman
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