Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Today is the final day in our Thanksgiving Pet Safety series and we are discussing tips for a successful pet safe Thanksgiving holiday. If you missed day one and two, be sure to check out Thanksgiving Foods for Pets to Avoid and Other Possible Thanksgiving Hazards for Pets.

Tips for a Successful Holiday

Tips for a Successful Holiday

Keep up with your pets regular diet and exercise. All the extra calories from special holiday treats or meals can add up. Just check out how much your dog would have to exercise to burn off a little sweet potato!

Water, Water, Water
Make sure the water bowl is always accessible and never empty. Frequently check it through the day, especially if there are extra pets in the house. TIP: Set up a few different water stations and introduce your pets to them before guests arrive. This way if a water bowl is blocked or dry, they have other hydration options.

Personal Space
Create a quiet, calming space your pets can retreat to when the commotion becomes too much. This could be their crate, a gated off area, or just a secluded part of the house. Include fresh water, a bed or blanket, and a few toys.

Pet Friendly Fun
Plan pet friendly activities for your pets to enjoy during the celebration. This will keep them entertained and out of trouble. Try food dispensing toys, puzzles, or longer lasting chews like Nylabones (affiliate link) or Bully Sticks. The day before stuff and freeze a few KONGs or similar toys to keep your dogs happily entertained for awhile. This is a great trick to keep your pets from begging at the dinner table because they’ll be enjoying their own delicious dinner.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving from Luna!

Monitor Escape Routes
With guests coming and going, doors may open frequently and too much activity may send your pets right out an open door. Remind guests to keep doors closed and use pet gates when possible. Ensure your pet is wearing their collar with ID tags and double check their microchip has up to date information just in case.

A Tired Dog is a Calm Dog
Before the festivities begin go out on a long walk, play fetch, or do any other fun activity that will tire your dog out. A dog who has gotten plenty of exercise earlier in the day is more likely to run out of energy during the party and sleep it off. A tired dog will more likely retreat into his or her quiet place than try to steal the Thanksgiving turkey.

Traveling With Pets
If you are bringing your pet over to a friend or family member’s house, then do a quick inspection before letting your pet loose. Check to make sure there are no easily accessible safety hazards or unblocked escape routes.

What tips do you have for a pet friendly Thanksgiving?

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Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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