I won’t blame you if you don’t want to stick around read past here because I can guarantee it will be whiney and complainy. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back to your regularly scheduled program soon enough.

It’s been one of those weeks where you try to stand up and then someone or something punches you right back down. One of those weeks where everything seems to happen at once and you feel stretched way too thin. Maybe it’s the PMS or maybe I just need a drink, but I am so ready for the weekend.

I work a full time job to pay the bills (and those darn Ivy League student loans), so I can’t ever seem find enough time to dedicate to Beagles & Bargains. I have a never ending to do list that often stresses me out. When I find the time to cross one thing off, 6 more get added.

It’s hard enough to balance two full time gigs, but I’m also struggling to lose weight. I know I’m overweight and need to shed a few pounds, but dog damnit I love food. Plus, giving up bread for a month can wreck some emotional damage on a girl.

These two issues have been shining particularly bright this week. With friends and family visiting, I’m already over my eating out quota and I’ve pushed back some awesome blog post ideas because I just needed a nap.

Then things came crashing down when our apartment complex decided to give us SIX DAYS to decide if we wanted to renew our lease. We’ve had unresolved issues with our downstairs neighbors since December 2013. They do who knows what so incredibly loud late at night and chain smoke out on their balcony. I can’t enjoy my balcony or even open my windows to save on the A/C without breathing in their second hand smoke. Let’s also not forget when they decide to yell and scream while outside smoking on the balcony… also late at night.

Our apartment complex decided to increase our rent by $40/month. Okay, so it’s is $480/year and isn’t a ton of money. BUT why should I be paying MORE when our issues still remain unresolved. Plus, I’ve already paid a pointless $500 pet fee and $40/month of pet rent for 24 months. That’s almost $1500. It’s ridiculous. (Stay tuned for why I think these fees are pointless).

On a side note – If you know of any awesome pet friendly rentals in the Northern Virginia area, send that info my way because we are definitely shopping around. Plus, we are awesome tenants. We pay on time, take out the trash, and even vacuum.

Then because I’m a emotional person, I’ve been super bummed out by all these “Dog moms aren’t real moms” post floating around the internet following Mother’s Day. For goodness sake, Mother’s Day should be a day of celebrating loved ones and not pointing fingers at each other for not being “real”. If I call myself a dog mom or pet parent, it doesn’t hurt anyone or take away anything from a “real mom”. Instead of going on a rant about how dog moms will never know what it’s like to be a real mom, channel that time and energy into something beneficial. Parenthood is about caring and raising another. It may come in many different forms and they should ALL be celebrated.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and I’ll be off to see my little sister graduate from college. Luna won’t be tagging along, but she’ll be pampered by my boyfriend all weekend. Then the following weekend we finally all get a well deserved vacation when we’ll hit the road towards Nashville for the BlogPaws Conference.

Now that I have whined and complained about my first world problems, I’ll leave you with this quote from good old Christopher Robin of Winnie the Pooh to brighten your next bad day (or week).

Winne the Pooh Quote

Jessica Shipman
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