For the past two weeks, I have been noticing these trails of dog poop on the sidewalks in my apartment complex. At first I tried to make excuses. Maybe they didn’t notice. Maybe they didn’t have a bag with them. Everyone makes mistakes, right?

And then I was annoyed. It started happening more frequently and RIGHT NEXT to a poop station. There were no more excuses. I knew I had another pet owner who doesn’t pick up after their dog on my hands.

And now I’m just plain pissed off.

There is Poop on the Sidewalk!

The sidewalks were cleaned of all the smooshed poop residue yesterday. THIS MORNING I counted five pieces of poop on the sidewalk. This is just beyond ridiculous.

Poop that isn’t picked up is gross and dangerous. Plus when it is left on the sidewalk people can and WILL step in it. Who wants to step in dog poop? NO ONE!

And there is a big red flag here to me. The fact that it is a trail of poop on a sidewalk means that the person walking the dog is probably paying no attention to their dog and is dragging them down the sidewalk when they are trying to poop.

I’ve been guilty of it a few times when I’m engaged in conversation with my boyfriend on a walk. But then I quickly feel terrible for not paying attention and super embarrassed because my dog is pooping in the middle of the sidewalk. I, of course, pick the poop up right away.

The fact that this seems to be happening almost daily really worries me. Is this person mistreating their dog? Or are they just really inexperienced?

But I’m in a bit of a sticky situation. I have never seen the culprit, so I can’t confront them. I’m worried that if I complain to my apartment complex that all pets (including Luna) will get a bad rap. We already pay $40/month for Luna. I can’t deal with that getting raised or them banning pets altogether.

I’m considering setting up a stealth operation to try to figure out who it is, when they are walking, and what is actually going on because this nonsense has to stop.

What do you think? How would you handle this problem?

PLEASE PLEASE always remember to scoop that poop! If you don’t have poop bags on you at all times, then you’re not doing it right.

Jessica Shipman
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