It lasted over a month actually.

Luna got several new toys for her birthday back on March 21. One of these toys was a Rooper. I bought the Rooper on clearance for $4 after seeing a review of it online. Unfortunately, I cannot find that review again.


Rooper on March 21, 2013 – Before Luna

Luna has a way with toys that often leaves them in shreds and without squeakers. She also does a pretty good job at covering our home in fluff nearly every day. Luna does have numerous rubber toys like Kongs and the Hurley and Tux from West Paw Designs (also from her birthday). She does not destroy these toys, but she also does not seem to enjoy playing with them as much unless they are filled with delicious snacks.

Despite Luna’s destructive tendencies with her soft toys, I still like to give her a new one every now and then. I do not know if I would consider the Rooper “soft,” but I thought it fell nicely in the middle. When I bought the Rooper, I was not sure how Luna would take to it, but it turned out to be her favorite of her birthday gifts.

Luna would carry around her Rooper cat and chew on it all the time. Normally, she does not really carry toys from room to room with a few exceptions. The Rooper was one of those exceptions. I would find it on the couch, under the dining room table, on my bed, in her bed, and pretty much everywhere else.

Over the last month, I did noticed a little wear and tear, but was overall impressed with how the Rooper was holding up to Luna. Unfortunately, last night she chewed a little too hard or a little too much and the Rooper finally met its demise.

Rooper on May 2, 2013 - After Luna

Rooper on May 2, 2013 – After Luna

I do not know if this makes me a bad dog mom, but she still plays with it. Many of her “toys” are really rags of what they used to be. I always inspect her toys to make sure there are no small pieces that she could tear off or accidentally swallow. Sometimes we even restuff toys so she can empty all the fluff out again. We still keep things clean, retire really old toys, and introduce new ones, but if her favorite part is being a fluff decorator why not recycle and reuse?


Luna with her Rooper

Jessica Shipman
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