Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

With Thanksgiving this week in America, I wanted to make sure that Luna and Cousin Keto could enjoy a pet safe Thanksgiving celebration. This post is all about traditional Thanksgiving foods you should avoid giving your pets and it is the first of three addressing Thanksgiving Pet Safety. Come back tomorrow and the next day for Other Possible Thanksgiving Hazards and Tips for a Successful Holiday.

Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid

Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid

Fatty Foods
Can cause pancreatitis or gastroenteritis, which are painful and possibly life threatening. Turkey skin can be especially fatty and hard to digest around Thanksgiving. Gravy and other buttery sides can cause diarrhea, vomiting or worse.

Raw or Under-cooked Turkey
Raw turkey can contain salmonella and may cause an upset stomach if your dog is not already on a raw diet.

Cooked bones can be brittle and sharp and can easily get stuck in your dog’s intestines. Turkey bones are especially dangerous because they are hollow and break easily. TIP: Use the bones for an after Thanksgiving soup broth instead!

Onions and onion powder are common in traditional Thanksgiving cooking. They are especially popular in stuffing and in seasoning. Onions poisoning can destroy your pet’s red blood cells and potentially lead to anemia.

Grapes and Raisins
Both grapes and raisins are toxic to dogs and cats and can cause kidney damage. Grapes are commonly found in fruit dishes and raisins may be present in stuffing and breads.

At any celebration there is bound to be some variety of chocolate, whether in a cookie, pie, or even just a candy bar. Chocolate can be fatal to both dogs and cats, so keep it out of reach.

Sage is an extremely popular spice around Thanksgiving, but in large quantities the essential oils of this herb can cause gastrointestinal issues in dogs and cats. Cats are especially sensitive.

Raw Bread Dough
If ingested raw bread dough could rise in your dog’s stomach from their body temperature. If the dough expands, the dog may vomit, have severe abdominal pain and bloating, and even require emergency surgery.

In my house, at least, wine is a big part of the Thanksgiving celebration, but alcohol can be very dangerous for pets. Your pet could become weak, ill, or even have respiratory failure. TIP: Keep all alcoholic beverages up out of reach from pets and young children. Avoid leaving them unattended.

Other Table Scraps
When in doubt DON’T feed table scraps to your pets, especially if you don’t know know all the ingredients that went into the dish.

What special holiday treat do your pets get instead of these dangerous foods?

Possible Thanksgiving Hazards for Pets
Tips for a Successful Pet Safe Thanksgiving Holiday

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