Our friend Flea from Jones Natural Chews (you can find her here) sent Ralph and Luna some delicious chews as a thank you for a guest post, which should go up tomorrow! Ralph and Luna were both eager to get a reservation at this table and were ready to chew away.

I had given Ralph a BullyStick before, but he hadn’t ever seen a Pig Ear, a Bandit Bone, or Sausage Sticks, so he was a bit overwhelmed and excited to give them all a try.

Ralph with a selection of Jones Natural Chews

Both Ralph and Luna chose the Bandit Bone, which is a bare bone filled with a beef mixture geared to small/medium sized dogs, to try first. Ralph couldn’t quite figure out how to hold his bone. He kept pushing it away on accident and ended up crawling in circles around Luna as he followed his bone.

Luna and Ralph enjoy Jones Natural Chews Bandit Bones

Ralph enjoy his first Bandit Bone from Jones Natural Chews

Luna on the other hand went right to it and even tried to steal Ralph’s when it escaped his paws. Don’t worry I rescued it for Ralph.

But when I say Luna went for it, I mean REALLY went all in.

Luna really went for her Jones Natural Chews Bandit Bone

The pups also got some Sausage Sticks for at least partially cooperating for all the photos I wanted to take. The Sausage Sticks worked out well for this! I was able to put them in my sweatshirt pocket without worry of leaving any mess or pungent smell. And, they were super easy to break into smaller pieces.

Luna can't get enough of this Bandit Bone from Jones Natural Chews

Has your dog ever tried a Jones Natural Chew?

Jessica Shipman
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