Earlier this month I traveled to Orlando, Florida for the Global Pet Expo for five days. It was my first real business travel since I adopted Luna, so it took some adjusting during the trip. Here are a few things that got me through:

Start by being in a business where you are surrounded by pet lovers.

Aerial view of the Global Pet Expo

Go where dog toys are bigger than you.

Human sized dog toy

Just look at this face.

Smooshed puppy face

Find some “replacement” dogs, who you can take with you!

Stuffed animals at Global Pet Expo

Spend some time with dogs that could make the business trip! I got to see Pepper from Pepper’s Paws and Lulu from Life with Beagle!

Pepper Pom and Lulu from Life with Beagle

Be relieved you don’t have to pick up this for a little while.

Earth Rated Poop Business Card Holder

Find something that reminds you of your pets back home.

Luna Cosmos Ball from Planet Dog

Sit back and watch a show (by Olate Dogs!)

Olate Dogs

Olate Dogs

Olate Dogs

Or enjoy a bit of the Puppy Bowl.

Animal Planet Puppy Bowl

Or just find a pile of puppies. BONUS if they look like your dog!

Puppy pile

Wag more, Bark less?

Wag more, Bark less

Bring them home something beautiful and delicious!

Three Dog Bakery make custom treats!

What? You can’t do all these things on your business trips? Then I suggest heading to the Global Pet Expo next year!

Global Pet Expo

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Jessica Shipman
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