Stocking Stuffer Day 11

When Luna and I were first asked to review Pork Chomps, my reaction was:

What in the world is a Pork Chomp?

Then I found out that a Pork Chomp is a dog chew that although similar to rawhide, is not made of any rawhide at all. Pork Chomps are made of pork skin.

How do I open this bag? I want some Pork Chomps!

How do I open this bag? I want some Pork Chomps!

So why does all of that matter?

Pork skin has natural flavor that your pet will love. Plus it is easier to digest than rawhide, which makes it healthier and safer by reducing the risk of blockage.

Although Pork Chomps are not rawhide and are safer, you should still supervise your dog.

Pork Chomps also claim to be odor-free, stain-free, and mess-free. I can’t argue with that. I was able to open the bag without being overwhelmed with smells. Luna was also able to enjoy her Pork Chomp on the carpet without any mess.

My only issues with Pork Chomps is that many of the varieties in the Traditional Line contain artificial flavoring and coloring and these chews are made in China. Most (but not all) of the chews in the Premium Line contain real chicken, sweet potato, or other flavor. With all the recalls happening with Made in China treats, I know some people avoid them all together. I have included these treats because I have found no known recalls past or present.

Premium Mini Sweet Potato Twistz from Pork Chomps.

Premium Mini Sweet Potato Twistz from Pork Chomps.

Both Pork Chomps Premium and Traditional Lines have a wide variety of flavors, shapes, and sizes. You can get Twistz, Rollz, Knotz, Earz and more which feature flavors like chicken, sweet potato, duck, bacon, and peanut.

Luna tried out the Premium Mini Sweet Potato Twistz. Each Twist is a pork skin twisted roll covered in sweet potato and is about 4-5″ long.

Luna enjoys chomping on her sweet potato Twistz from Pork Chomps

Luna enjoys chomping on her sweet potato Twistz from Pork Chomps

Pork Chomp Twistz are a huge hit in our house.

Luna is always thrilled to get one and nothing can disturb her while she enjoys it. I love them because occasionally I need a few minutes of peace (to deal with the fact that she ate Christmas).

Because we found them to be extra delicious, we are offering a Super Secret Surprise Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day 11!

Two lucky dogs will each win two packages of Premium Pork Chomps!

Residents of the USA are eligible to win.

In case you want your Pork Chomps early, you can get free shipping plus a Chompers Plush toy with any online purchase over $20!

Super Secret Stocking Stuffer Giveaway Day 11: Pork Chomps
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Jessica Shipman
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