One of the very first posts on Beagles and Bargains was about our experience at the Super Pet Expo in 2013. This weekend the Super Pet Expo was visiting our local expo center in Chantilly, Virginia again! We were able to visit the show Sunday afternoon.

This year we will be sharing our experience in photos and a dog’s eye view video!

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As soon as we got into the show, Luna sniffed out the best treats and soaked in plenty of attention.

Great pet product finds at the Super Pet Expo this year!

As we walked around, we stopped by the booth of Jorge Bendersky and Tito the Pom, who were promoting their new book DIY Dog Grooming. Jorge made our Super Pet Expo experience wonderful by giving Luna a completely non-toxic glitter tattoo of a moon! Get it, get it?

Luna gets a temporary glitter tattoo from Groomer Jorge Bendersky.

Jorge also taught us some DIY Dog Grooming tips like how to tango with your dog for nail clippings.

Jorge Bendersky demonstrates doing the Tango when clipping your dogs nails

There were dogs of all shapes and sizes in attendances. It was fun to see all the differences!

The Super Pet Expo had dogs of all different sizes!

We even saw a few non typical pets!

The Super Pet Expo even had unique pets!

Then at the last minute we signed up for a mini beginner’s agility class with The Animal House! It was our first experience and Luna was a natural, so we’ll be looking into classes for this summer.

Luna's first agility course at the Super Pet Expo.

Now that I have shown you everything we saw, why don’t you take a look for yourself through Luna’s eyes?

Have you ever attended a pet expo?

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