A few weeks ago Luna and I attended the Pet Fiesta in Reston, Virginia. It was a beautiful day to be outside and we were so excited to see animal rescue groups, pet products like Max & Ruffy’s, and tons of other dogs and their people.

Kelly and Beth, the creators of Max & Ruffy's, at the Pet Fiesta in Reston, VA.

Kelly and Beth, the creators of Max & Ruffy’s, at the Pet Fiesta in Reston, VA.

During the Pet Fiesta, I solidified a hypothesis that Luna is afraid of storm (or sewer) drains. I have no idea whether it is the smell, the sound, or something else, but she cannot stand to be near them. She will make huge arching circles around them during walks and if she comes upon one suddenly, she will back away as if a bear is chasing her.

At the Pet Fiesta, Max & Ruffy’s had a booth situated right across from a drain in the Reston Town Center. Luna managed to back her way in between a poor woman’s legs and right into the Max & Ruffy’s booth where she proceeded to beg for samples of every kind of treat they had on display. Beth and Kelly, the creators of Max & Ruffy’s, were nice enough to let Luna try more than her share of treat varieties and even let us take home two bags for free to try in exchange for a review.

Max & Ruffy’s makes organic, hand-baked, vegan dog treats. The ingredients are selectively chosen to be beneficial to dog health. Better yet, the treats are made from scratch in Rockville, Maryland, so we were happy to try treats from a local business!

Max & Ruffy’s treats come in two different sizes: original or mini bites. Original comes in an 8oz bag and sells for $7.25 a bag, while mini bites come in a 5oz bag and sell for $5.25 a bag.

Luna tries Tree of Life and 327 B.C. from Max & Ruffy's.

Luna tries Tree of Life and 327 B.C. from Max & Ruffy’s.

Currently, Max & Ruffy’s offers seven varieties including Five Star Blueberry, Powerhouse, The Kelp Highway, Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch, W.P. Pizza, Tree of Life, and 327 B.C. Except for Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch, which is wheat and gluten-free, all varieties are grain free. Luna has been trying the original size of Tree of Life and 327 B.C.

Tree of Life contains coconut, molasses, and flax flavor, while 327 B.C. contains banana and coconut. Both treat varieties contain organic coconut as well as organic coconut oil. I had never thought about feeding coconut to Luna before so I was very interested to learn about its benefits for dogs. Kelly, from Max & Ruffy’s, pointed me to Dogs Naturally Magazine to learn more about how beneficial coconut oil is for dogs. According to the article, coconut oil is great for a dog’s skin and coat. Coconut oil can also be beneficial in digestion and weight loss because the majority of saturated fats in the oil can be metabolized immediately into fuel and energy. The other treat varieties also offer additional benefits.

327 B.C. dog treats from Max & Ruffy's.

327 B.C. dog treats from Max & Ruffy’s.

The original size treats were a little large for a regular treat for Luna, but they easily broke into a few pieces for training and normal use. Luna would disagree that the treats were too big as she enjoyed eating them whole.

Other than a few treats I have made myself, Max & Ruffy’s were the first I tried too! I felt comfortable enough to share a treat with Luna after reading the ingredients and recognizing everything listed. It was also reassuring to learn that the treats are made with human-grade ingredients. My boyfriend even tried a treat or two as well! Do not tell Luna. She will be upset we were eating her treats!

Caloric and nutritional information on Max & Ruffy's treats.

Caloric and nutritional information on Max & Ruffy’s treats.

The treats definitely get Luna’s stamp of approval for taste and smell. The 327 B.C. have a little more scent to them as cinnamon is an ingredient. Luna did not seem to prefer one flavor over the other; she loved them both! If you asked me, I would lean more towards 327 B.C., but then again Luna’s opinion probably matters more. Both flavors of treats were also super crunchy, which Luna loves.

Max & Ruffy's treats are Beagle approved!

Max & Ruffy’s treats are Beagle approved!

Max & Ruffy’s is so forward with their nutritional information of their treats that they even include per treat calorie counts on every bag. You can also find detailed information about ingredients on the bag and on their website. I loved this about Max & Ruffy’s. It is very helpful if your dog has dietary restrictions or is on a diet. It is also great if you are just trying to keep your dog as healthy as possible. I hope more dog food and treat brands follow in Max & Ruffy’s foot steps by providing more information to the consumer.

Tree of Life and 327 B.C. from Max & Ruffy’s are tasty and affordable dog treats. The health benefits of these treats and Max & Ruffy’s focus on dog health makes them stand out from the crowd. These treats are Beagle approved!

If you are interested in trying Max & Ruffy’s treats for yourself (or your dog), you can order them on maxandruffys.com or check stores near you.

Disclaimer: I received product free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

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