Winter is here so it’s time to finally dig out those wool sweaters, winter coats, and flannel sheets. Every time I bring our my seasonal clothing, I can usually find a few things I probably will never wear again whether it’s from fashion or all those Christmas cookies I had last year. Despite knowing that there is a slim chance I wear the clothes again, I find it hard to just throw them away. Sure call me a pack rat, but do you know how much clothes can cost?

I try to donate the clothes I can. Even if I can’t get use out of it, hopefully someone else can. And what I can’t donate, I try to recycle or upcycle. You can turn old cotton shirts into dog toys. You can even turn old socks into dog toys, but only if your feet aren’t too smelly. I’ve seen people turn old sweaters in pillows and recently at one craft fair even into team spirit scarves.

I love all these ideas and ways to truly reuse rather than just throwing clothing and linens away, so that’s why I was really excited to hear about Molly Mutt – a company that designs beautiful dog bed duvets. Molly Mutt duvets will turn your old pile of sweaters in a super stylish dog bed.

So don’t throw those sweaters out just yet! You’ve got a chance to win your own Molly Mutt Duvet because they are sponsoring Day 7 of our Stocking Stuffer Giveaways. (Did you miss Day 6? Find it here!)

Beagles & Bargains Stocking Stuffer Giveaways 2016 - Day 7 - Molly Mutt

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Molly Mutt makes stylish, high quality DIY kits for dog beds in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns. Each duvet is made with 100% cotton and is designed to store unused linens or old clothes while providing your dog with a warm and inviting bed.

Supplies to make a Molly Mutt dog bed

To make a Molly Mutt dog bed, all you need is a Molly Mutt Duvet, a Molly Mutt Stuff Sack, and a bunch of old clothes or blankets. The Stuff Sack is a lightweight mesh material that allows you to keep all those unwanted clothing items in place. So, step 1 is just stuff the Stuff Sack full of whatever clothes and blankets are clogging your closets. Once you have the Stuff Sack full or at least as full as you want it, then zip it up and stuff it inside your Molly Mutt Duvet. And wa-la! You have a brand new dog bed and more room in your closet.

As soon as I stuffed our duvet full, Luna and Ralph came right over to investigate. They certainly didn’t act like strangers and took right to it. Both pups lied right now and acted right at home.

Ralph and Luna enjoy their new Molly Mutt Duvet dog bed.

For me the best part about the Molly Mutt Duvet’s is that if they get dirty, you can just upzip them and pop them in the wash. No harm done to the clothes or blankets you have inside the Stuff Sack. Once the duvet is dry, then you can just put it back on and zip it back up. Molly Mutt also has a few waterproof duvets available for outdoor dog beds, which would be great on camping trips or even just on your deck or patio.

Molly Mutt’s Duvet range in size quite a bit, so there will certainly be an option for each dog in your life. The small duvet is meant for dogs 15-30 lbs and fits Luna comfortably (about 23 lbs). Ralph and Luna will even fit together if they curl up into a ball. For even smaller dogs, Molly Mutt has a petite line with both square and circle shapes. These are perfect for dogs up to 15 lbs.

Molly Mutt Duvet Dog Bed and Stuff Sack

The medium/large size duvet is great for most dogs as it accommodates 30-70 lbs. If you haven’t a giant breed or several dogs, don’t fret because Molly Mutt has a huge size perfect for dogs over 70 lbs. Most sizes are available in most patterns as well!

I was surprised how much stuff fit into our small duvet cover, so if you do get a huge size be ready to store a lot! We fit 4 towels and 3 small blankets with plenty of room leftover. If you are stuck looking for more things to put in your Stuff Sack, I’d also recommend old pillows! They are bulky to store and will add plenty of extra cushion.

Stuff your old clothes inside a Molly Mutt dog bed duvet

Molly Mutt has some of the best patterns for dog beds around. They rotate patterns regularly, so you can often find something new. It kind of reminded me of a Vera Bradley, but for dog products! I loved that they have all kinds of patterns – geometric, feminine, masculine, and picturesque, so I’m sure they’ll have something to fit your home decor or your dog’s personality. And who knows, your cat may even like one of the patterns too.

And if you find a Molly Mutt pattern that you really love, then you might want to check out what else they offer. Currently, you can get matching crate covers, crate pads, collars, leashes, bolster pillows, and even tote bags in certain patterns.

Luna enjoys her new Molly Mutt dog bed from a comfy duvet

If you aren’t looking to store any old clothing items or are looking for a more supportive surface for your dog to lie on, you can always use a Molly Mutt Duvet to cover an existing dog bed. You just don’t need to get a Stuff Sack since you already have a bed! Adding the Molly Mutt Duvet will not only add a bit of extra pizzazz to your dog’s bed, but it may actually help extend the life of it by keeping it protecting from dirt and grime.

If you want to learn more about Molly Mutt, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Ralph on his Molly Mutt dog bed

TWO lucky Beagles & Bargains readers will receive a Molly Mutt Duvet!

Residents of the United States are eligible to enter via the Rafflecopter below. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM ET on Friday, December 23, 2016. Winners will be notified via email within 48 hours of the giveaway closing and will have 48 hours to respond and claim their prize.

Two (2) winners will each receive one (1) Molly Mutt Duvet Cover and one (1) Stuff Sack in the size and pattern of their choice (pending availability). Approximate retail value is $72.50.

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