Stocking Stuffers Day 8 Dura Play

Luna and I are just about to spend our second Christmas together after we found each other in October 2012.

Although Luna, has not been with me for much over a year, so sure has gone through a lot of dog toys. Anything with stuffing or a squeaker never lasts long. One squeaky toy that has lasted since the beginning is her Dura Play Ball from Hartz.

In fact, her Dura Play Ball is the only squeaky toy that has lasted longer than a few days.

The best part about the Dura Play line? The price tags.

Each toy sells for somewhere between $5-10 depending on size.

These toys last forever and are well within budget. I honestly don’t know why our apartment is not completely full of them.

When I met representatives from Hartz at BlogPaws this year, I was thrilled to learn that there were tons of different Dura Play varieties. They sent us a few to try.

Hartz Dura Play toys come in many shapes and sizes.

Hartz Dura Play toys come in many shapes and sizes.

Luna loves the big ones as much as the small ones. For fun, she randomly runs around squeaking one of the toys.

However, it is impossible to catch this in photos or videos. She knows when I’m trying to record something and acts like she wasn’t doing anything.

Here is a very short video, which I interrupt with my delightful chuckle.

The Dura Play toys have been wonderful in keeping Luna occupied like when we were packing to move. They also help keep her calm in stressful situations like bath time.

Hartz Dura Play toys are great at keeping pets occupied and calm

Hartz Dura Play toys are great at keeping pets occupied and calm

Because these toys last forever, Luna has agreed to share some of the toys Hartz sent us.

Three lucky dogs will each win one Dura Play toy.

Residents of USA and Canada are eligible to win!

All three prizes are different shapes, medium bone, boomerang, and a small ball (just like Luna’s).

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Disclaimer: Hartz provided Dura Play toys free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business. Hartz provided giveaway prizes and Beagles and Bargains is responsible for all giveaway prize shipping.

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