Whoa! Where did the past week go? We’ve been so busy that it seems like the days have just flown by.

If you follow us on Instagram, then you already know that we decided to get a new dining room table set. We set out on this adventure to try to make our dining room a bit more unusable since we pulled the trigger and are staying in our current apartment for another year. We got a cute little round table with four chairs. We also picked out a matching cube storage unit for knick knacks and pet products to be reviewed since they had started taking over other parts of the apartment.

Now of course we’ve also been tasked with getting rid of our old set on Craigslist, which is always a wild adventure. And of course, we had to assemble everything since it came flat packed from good ole IKEA.

When the boxes started coming and the old furniture started disappearing, Luna was very concerned. I always find it so interesting how perceptive dogs are! She knew something was changing for sure, but couldn’t quite put her paw on it. Despite her concerns, I think even she likes the new dining room set. Although, we’ll have to be extra careful now since our table is quite a bit shorter and more in her mouth’s reach.

Luna in our new dining room

On top of that my boyfriend left for a week and a half business trip this weekend. Things are always super busy before he leaves for a long trip. When he was packing his suitcase, Luna was also interested in what was going on. Any time a suitcase comes out or we start rearranging a whole bunch of stuff, Luna knows something is up.

Oh and yesterday Luna decided to sneak into our den where she binge ate two boxes of dog treats that were supposed to be out of her reach. Luna would like to recommend NOT doing this to any other dog out there who might be considering it. Her digestive system has not been very happy.

Then there is always all the little stuff. Our cable bill jumped up over $100 more per month (Thanks Cox). I just joined a new gym to hopefully finally shed some of the extra pounds I’ve been building up over the last three years. And of course, we are in the middle of summer so there are tons of fun activities and places to be.

Sometimes with all these things happening, all I want to really do is just snuggle up under a blanket and watch a good TV show or movie. Relaxing with Luna is a great way for me to unwind and free my mind of all my worries. Even though I probably spend 90% of my awake time on the computer, I try really hard to avoid the computer in the first and the last few moments of each day.

Instead I try to use this time to forcibly snuggle Luna and sometimes she even cooperates. Even though she groans if you squeeze her too hard, she makes a pretty good snuggle buddy. If only her pointy, bony legs, which she loves to stick out straight when I’m try to give her a hug, could be a bit less stabby.

Luna and her stabby legs

One of my favorite things about Luna’s personality is that she doesn’t just throw affection at anyone. She may wiggle when you come home or visit, but you have to earn a “Kisses” (a kiss on the nose). Some days she will jump at the chance to lick my face, but others I will be completely snubbed! Don’t tell her I told you, but she is such a moody dog!

It’s the same with sleep snuggles. The last time my boyfriend went out of town, she refused to sleep in bed with me. Even if I called her in and gave her a treat, she would soon abandon me for her own dog bed. I felt so neglected!

This week has been pretty different so far. The last two nights I’ve only had about 1/6 of my queen bed to sleep in because someone is participating in extreme snuggling and pushing me off the bed. I guess that means I’m back in her good graces now.

Luna gets snuggly in bed

How does your dog like to get snuggly?

This week’s 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge theme is SNUGGLY and this post is my submission. If you’d like to see more photos from our 52 Snapshots of Life Photo Challenge, you can view them all over in my Flickr 52 Snapshots of Life photo album.

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Jessica Shipman
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