Since I first laid eyes on the The Company of Animals Green Slow Feeder, I wanted it. Luna is an extreme food hound who will eat her entire meal in less than a second if you let her.

To slow her down we have tried numerous other tools with some success. We love treat dispensing toys, but they tend to get stuck under the couch and in other strange places.

The Company of Animals Green Slow Feeder

The Green Feeder stays flat on the ground unless your dog learns to flip it over. I always watch Luna while she eats to make sure she doesn’t pick up on that trick.

We have also tried various other puzzles, but Luna learns the tricks to solving them quickly and puzzles tend to be pretty expensive.

While we don’t use the feeder every day, we do use it fairly frequently and it still takes Luna a fairly long time to finish.

The feeder is durable and has held up well.

The Company of Animals Green Slow Feeder

Because the “spikes” are reasonably tall, the feeder might be difficult to use for extremely short nosed dogs like pugs.

The Green Slow Feeder’s prices seem to vary at different retailers, but most are under $30.

The feeder is also available in smaller sizes for both puppies and cats. These are at the same price point.

The Company of Animals Green Slow Feeder

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Jessica Shipman
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