Happy Earth Day! It’s going to be a rainy day in Northern Virginia today, so Luna and I probably won’t get the chance to take the long walk we want. Instead, I am going to reminisce about our last trip to a local dog park in Arlington, Virginia.

Shirlington Dog Park is fenced in dog park that runs along Four Mile Run. It is bigger than most dog parks I have been to in the past and has a unique long and skinny shape. The park itself has a walking trail, open areas, and wooded areas for a nice mixture of environments.

Luna at Shirlington Dog Park

There are three main entrances to the park as well as an area specific for puppies and small dogs. There is also access to the nearby stream if you want to take your dog for a swim. Just be careful of the risks that might be involved!

Luna explores Four Mile Run near Shirlington Dog Park

The park is also walking distance from the Village at Shirlington, which offers many restaurants with pet friendly patios, and the W&OD trail.

Many pet related business are also nearby like a dog wash station, doggy day care and more!

Dog wash store nearby Shirlington Dog Park

Luna enjoys a water break at Shirlington Dog Park

I love this dog park because we are able to practice recall and get some exercise while walking from one end of the park to the other. Luna also enjoys spending time off leash and interacting with other dogs. Sometimes she gets overwhelmed with all the excitement and we have to take a break.

Luna has a blast at Shirlington Dog Park

Luna makes a friend at Shirlington Dog Park

In general, I have been impressed with the people who are visiting the park. There will always be exceptions, but everyone seems to really care for their pets and follow the dog park rules. I have heard plenty of dog park horror stories and strong reasons against them that I was scared to give it a try, but I am happy we did! It has really worked well for us as an opportunity for Luna to run around off leash.

Dogs walking with style at Shirlington Dog Park

Dogs playing together at Shirlington Dog Park

What dog park tips do you have?

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Jessica Shipman
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