Luna is known for being notoriously rough on her toys. She’ll find anything she can grab with her teeth to rip off and expose the fluffy insides and then eventually the squeaker. Those little pieces she tears off can be harmful to her if she were to swallow them. To make her toys last longer and to keep her safe, I’ve found a few tips along the way.

10 Safety Tips for Dog Toys

10 Safety Tips for Dog Toys

1. Cut off any price tags or “t-shirt” tags before giving your dog a new toy.

2. Remove any parts that were used to hang the toy at the store. These might be pieces of string, ribbon, or even bits plastic.

3. Inspect toys for any parts that may easily be ripped off such as arms, legs, ears, tails, etc. and ensure that there are no plastic eyes or other hard plastic pieces.

4. If the toy’s stuffing or squeaker gets exposed, pick them up right away. Don’t let your dog chew on the squeaker. The plastic can easily be broken into tiny pieces and can cause internal blockage.

5. Feel free to restuff a toy, but only let your dog play with it under supervision. Don’t let your dog continue play if she has a tendency to eat the stuffing. Try using old scraps of fabric or old socks instead.

6. Get extra use out of an old toy by removing the stuffing and hiding treats in side. Throw the toy into the wash or dispose of when done.

7. If all else fails, all you need to revive an old toy is needle and thread. No one will complain about the scars, so it doesn’t even need to be pretty!

8. Remember that dogs use their mouths when they play with their toys, so wash them often.

9. Stop using any toys that start to break into small pieces. Regularly inspect your dog’s toys and toss any that are no longer safe.

10. Always keep your dog’s size in mind. A toy that works great for a 5 lb Yorkie will not necessarily be the best bet for a 150 lb Great Dane.

52 Snapshots of Life - PLAY - Luna gets a new dog toy.

52 Snapshots of Life - PLAY - Luna gets a new dog toy.

How do you keep your dog’s toys safe?

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