One of my goals for 2016 is to become healthier and fitter than I ever been. While I’m just starting this journey and have a way to go, I am excited to see how much happier I’ll be. But, one of the things I have struggled with in this process is getting to my goal fitness level without sacrificing delicious food. I’m a bit of a foodie, what can I say.

Recently I subscribed to Cooking Light magazine in hopes of finding a few healthy recipes that would still be delicious. It’s been a great resource for inspiration and I have found a few easy recipes to add to my regular dinner rotation.

In one of my Cooking Light issues, I also saw an advertisement for the Fit Foodie Weekend and was intrigued to see that out of the four events each year one of them is only about 10 minutes from where I live in Fairfax, VA! Better yet? The weekend included a pet friendly 5K race! AND their whole motto was Calories Burned = Calories Earned. Um, HECK YEAH! I immediately decided that the dogs, boyfriend, and I would be running in that race.

That was a few months ago and now I’m so excited to say that this year I am a Fit Foodie Ambassador! For the sake of transparency, I want you to know that while I’m not paid for this ambassadorship, I have gotten a few amazing gifts from event sponsors and do get attend the race for free. BUT, to me those are all icing on the cake! I really just want to spread the word about this fun event because my boyfriend and I would be running the Fit Foodie 5K and attending Fit Foodie Weekend either way.

John Hancock Hosts The Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Weekend - Fairfax, VA - May 20-22, 2016

So what is Fit Foodie Weekend?

John Hancock Hosts The Cooking Light & Health Fit Foodie Weekend is a three-day celebration of food, fitness, and fun. Each day there is a festive event to celebrate Fit Foodies everywhere, with the 5K race happening Saturday morning!

The event runs from May 20-22, 2016 in Fairfax, Virginia. All the events take place at Strawberry Park in the swanky new Mosaic District (where we are already regulars), but there’s a catch. Ticket sales end TODAY!

So act fast if you want to run with Luna and I in the race. And don’t forget to enter our promo code BEAGLESANDBARGAINS to save an extra 10% off your race ticket purchase.

If you don’t live near Fairfax, don’t fret! The Fit Foodie Weekend will also take place in three other locations AND you can still use the promo code BEAGLESANDBARGAINS to save 10% off any of the 5K races.

Fairfax, Virginia – May 20-22, 2016
Austin, Texas – June 24-26, 2016
Tampa, Florida – September 16-18, 2016
San Diego, California – October 21-23, 2016

Fit Foodie 5K in Fairfax, VA - May 21, 2016

What are the Fit Foodie Weekend Events?

Party with a Purpose
Friday May 20, 2016 from 6-8 PM EST
“The Fit Foodie is more than a race, its a celebration of all the delicious things in our life that passionately fuel us. From fitness, to great food, and finding purpose in our every day, Fit Foodie inspires, uplifts, and has a ton of fun while doing it. For an added bonus, bring your old, tired tennies and donate them to our collection for Soles4Souls! In true Fit Foodie Fashion, yummy bites will be provided by True Food Kitchen, and you’ll spend the evening mingling with editors for Cooking Light and Health and have the chance to win some seriously amazing SWAG.”
Tickets: $55 – Register Here
**TICKET SALES END 5/19/16**

Fit Foodie Race
Saturday May 21, 2016 from 7-10:30 AM EST
“Where food meets fitness, and healthy meets delicious – the tastiest race in the country just got tastier. Join the Fit Foodie in Fairfax and RUN. EAT. DRINK. Cross the most delicious finish line ever and indulge in an unforgettable day filled with food, fitness and fun!”
Tickets: $55 – Register Here
Premium Tickets: $75 – Register Here
PLUS 10% off with promo code BEAGLESANDBARGAINS
**TICKET SALES END 5/19/16**

Sweat Session
Sunday May 22, 2016 from 9-11 AM EST
“Get ready to unleash your fighter spirit and master total-body engagement at the Sweat Session with Equinox’s newest signature class, The Cut. This 45-minute cardio boxing workout will train you to move, look and feel like a champion while kicking you into high gear with explosive playlists that power you through five rhythmic, relentless rounds. After the Sweat Session, you’ll be rewarded with a tasty refresh station to refuel and replenish. This is Fit Foodie, after all!”
Tickets: $55 – Register Here
**TICKET SALES END 5/21/16**

I’m really excited for this weekend and hope to see you there. I just know it’s going to be full of fitness, food, fun, and lots of SWAG! Who doesn’t love SWAG? If you are coming to any of the three events in Fairfax, be sure to leave a comment below so we can find you and say hello!

HUGE Thank You to the Fit Foodie Weekend Sponsors!

Disclaimer: I was given a free ticket to the Fit Foodie 5K Race and some other small gifts to help spread awareness of the Fit Foodie Weekend. I received no other compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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