Last week I told you all about our time at the 2016 BlogPaws Conference while we were in Phoenix, Arizona, but I didn’t tell you about the special invitation Luna and I got while we were there.

Exterior view of PetSmart's Home Office in Phoenix

Did you know the PetSmart Home Office is located right outside of Phoenix? I didn’t either until we had the chance to tour the campus! It was an awesome opportunity to see where many of the big ideas in the pet industry are born and to see what a true pet friendly office looks like.

BlogPaws Pet Bloggers at PetSmart Home Office

Since the campus was pet friendly Luna got to come along with me! We packed into a shuttle bus from the BlogPaws Conference hotel with some other awesome bloggers and a few of their pets. I don’t think I’ve ever been a more fun bus!

A full bus ride of pet bloggers and their pets to PetSmart's Home Office

Our trip made me so incredibly jealous that my former job wasn’t in a super pet loving environment. Employees are able to bring their well behaved dogs to work and they are allowed pretty much everywhere except the cafeteria. The campus even had a giant fenced dog park! And even the decorations were inspired by love of dogs, cats, and other pets.

Pet inspired art at PetSmart Home Office

The campus is made up of multiple buildings, so it we spent some time both indoors and out. It was a hot day, so we had to keep an eye on the dogs’ paw pads and avoid walking on too much asphalt. Luna got the luxury of being carried most of the time. Thankfully she only weighs about 20 lbs!

Luna at the PetSmart Home Office in Phoenix

We enjoyed a delicious Mediterranean inspired lunch created by the in house chef. Did I just say in house chef? Yes! Where can I get myself one of those?! The campus also has a pretty fancy gym for all its employees to use. Overall, it really seemed like PetSmart encourages a great work-life balance and tries to keep the employees happy and healthy.

My favorite part of the tour was when we were shown the daycare center. Because we are all pet lovers, everyone thought it was a doggy daycare. The joke was on us because it was actually for human children!

PetSmart's mission and vision

After lunch and the tour, we went to a local PetSmart store where Luna was able to go on a small shopping spree. She picked out a few new toys for herself and earned a few treats for being super cute. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about Ralph. I made sure she picked something out to bring back to him.

Luna on her shopping spree at PetSmart

Luna and I had a great time touring the PetSmart Home Office and we are very thankful to them for including us in this exciting event!

Jessica and Luna at the PetSmart Home Office in Phoenix

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Do you shop at a local PetSmart?

Jessica Shipman
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