If you have ever traveled with a Beagle you know that you will have no choice but to stop and smell every thing along the way. Look! There is a blade of grass. And there is a stick! And another blade of grass! Oh, and someone else pooped here!

But the number one rule of a traveling Beagle is to sniff every single inch of every hotel room. It doesn’t matter if the last hotel room was identical to the new one. There are new scents and they must all be investigated.

Luna is a Master Sniffer and she can now proudly wear her badge for sniffing all along our trip. She has successfully smelled Blacksburg, VA, Pigeon Forge, TN, The Great Smoky Mountains, Nashville, TN, and a few (pretty smelly) rest stops along the way.

Yesterday we arrived at our fourth and final hotel where we’ll be spending most of the rest of the week at the BlogPaws Conference. Following the conference we will be heading straight back home on Sunday.

Here’s a peek into our trip so far…

Luna at Virginia Tech

Luna at Virginia Tech and after crossing into Tennessee

Luna snoozing a pet friendly hotel bed

Luna in the Great Smoky Mountains

Luna and Struan in the Great Smoky Mountains

Luna and me in the Great Smoky Mountains

Great Smoky Mountains

Luna and Struan at Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee

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Jessica Shipman
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