You can find mint everywhere around the holidays. It shows up in cookies, candies, cakes, and other delicious human treats. Of course, we don’t want our furry friends to miss out, so today we will be talking about how dogs can enjoy mint too and give two lucky dogs the chance to try out a minty treat!

A few months ago, Luna and I reviewed Minties Bones from VetIQ. Recently VetIQ has added one more product to their catalog called Minties Fresh, a small soft breath freshening treat for dogs, and sent us some to try.

Luna sees a fellow Beagle on the Minties Fresh package. These must be good!

Luna sees a fellow Beagle on the Minties Fresh package. These must be good!

Minties Fresh aims to help with a dog’s oral health by combating bad breath. Unlike Minties Bones, Minties Fresh is not meant to help clean teeth or prevent plaque and tartar.

These minty breath treats come in a small triangular shape. They soft and chewy, so be sure to keep the bag sealed tight.

Minties Fresh get their mint flavor and breath freshening power from natural ingredients. Among these ingredients are spearmint and dried alfalfa, which are all natural breath fresheners for dogs. Minties Bones contains a whopping five natural breath fresheners: peppermint, chlorophyll, parsley, fennel, and dill.

Please don’t go giving your dogs candy canes when their breath stinks just because spearmint and peppermint are natural breath freshener. Human mint treats can contain sugars and other ingredients that may not be healthy for dogs. Breath fresheners for humans may also contain harmful ingredients like xylitol, which can drastically lower your dog’s blood sugar levels.

Not all types of mint are healthy for dogs. Menthol can cause tissue irritation in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract of your dog and English pennyroyal is toxic to both humans and dogs. Wild mint, spearmint, and peppermint are all safe for dogs, but should be used sparingly.

I have stuck a few Minties Fresh in Luna’s new DIY treat ball, and she loves finding them inside. Although, these tasty treats are not a substitution for dental health care like brushing and checkups, they help with breath and are loved by Luna.

VetIQ's Minties Bones and Minties Fresh along with brushing make a complete dental health regiment.

VetIQ’s Minties Bones and Minties Fresh along with brushing make a complete dental health regiment.

These minty treats come in two sizes (over 40 lbs and under) and are made in the USA. You can find them exclusively at Walmart for now.

VetIQ prides itself on delivering affordable and quality pet care. As an added bonus, VetIQ’s Facebook fans can get a $1 savings coupon and VetIQ holds Minties Fresh to their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

So how can you win better dog breath your dog win delicious minty treats? Just enter our Rafflecopter below before 11:59 PM EST on December 9, 2013! A comment on this post and entering via Rafflecopter will get you entered and will open up a few more opportunities at giveaway entries. Two lucky dogs will win two bags of Minties Bones in the size of their choice!

VetIQ Minties Bones Giveaway
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How do you keep your dog’s breath smelling good?

Disclaimer: I received VetIQ Minties Bones and Minties Fresh free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business. VetIQ is responsible for all giveaway prizes including shipping.

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