I find the idea of feeding my dogs a raw food diet to be very overwhelming. I’m doing good if I’m eating a home cooked meal at least a few times a week. The thought of regularly prepping food for my dogs along with finding quality sourced meat, supplements, vegetables, etc. that are still affordable gives me a big headache. Plus, there is no way I could store it all in my tiny apartment sized refrigerator attached freezer.

Don’t get me wrong. I admire everyone who does it. You definitely have life and your priorities figured out way more than I do. And I’ve read a lot about the added health benefits and chance for increased life expectancy. I want that, but at this point in my life the extra work, cost, and required space just aren’t in the cards for me.

Sound familiar at all? If yes, then I bet you are also wondering if there is any way to get some of the benefits of feeding your dog a raw food diet without all the extra time, money, and energy. The answer is yes!

Enter Wellness® CORE® RawRev™, a new dog food offered by our friends at Wellness. This new diet allows you to unleash the power of raw by incorporating raw food into every one of your dog’s meals. Though not a completely raw diet, it requires less work, is packed with protein, and offers some of the benefits of raw.

Introducing a Safe, Easy Raw Food Diet Through Wellness CORE RawRev for Dogs - Save at PetSmart!

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Raw Nutrition Dogs Crave. Balanced Nutrition They Need.

Wellness® CORE® RawRev™ is a brand new dog food diet that incorporates 100% raw meat pieces safely and easily into an already high quality, high-protein, grain-free kibble. The combination creates a savory and nutrient-rich meal designed specifically for dogs to thrive.

Why is it called CORE RawRev? Because Wellness wants to start the Raw Revolution!

Wellness Pet Food CORE RawRev Logo

This new recipe is made with only high quality ingredients meant to help your dog live a long and healthy life. The raw food is freeze-dried, so it can be safely and easily mixed in with the kibble. The freeze-dried bits are made with 100% real meat and absolutely no fillers.

Introducing a Safe, Easy Raw Food Diet Through Wellness CORE RawRev for Dogs

Wellness CORE RawRev is built on top of their already strong CORE dog food line, which we had the pleasure of trying at the end of last year. The kibble alone is protein packed to help support whole-body health and longevity. The overall high protein that comes from adding the freeze-dried raw meat to the kibble will also help with lean body mass and muscle tone.

CORE RawRev also includes Glucosamine and Chondroitin for maintaining joint health. That’s super important for aging and active dogs!

Unleash The Power of Raw.

With a food hound like Luna, it can sometimes be tough to rate, review, and compare dog food and treats because well she enjoys eating most things. Over the years, I have developed my own “How much did Luna enjoy this” scale based on a few different factors. One of the biggest factors is how difficult it was to take photos of the product without her eating ALL OF IT.

Luna gobbles up new Wellness CORE RawRev for Dogs

Well, our Wellness CORE RawRev photo shoot was quite the challenge. Girlfriend, didn’t get her dinner that day because she ate more than twice it during the shoot! Of course, I don’t recommend doing this at home – overfeeding is not good!

Luna wasn’t too pleased when I finally took away the bowl and she hadn’t consumed an entire bag. Sorry chubs, but you have to keep your delicate figure. Dog model life is ruff.

If you think your dog would LOVE Wellness CORE RawRev just as much as Luna, you can find it at your nearest PetSmart store and online. Right now, CORE RawRev is available in three different formulas – Original + 100% Raw Turkey, Wild Game + 100% Raw Lamb, and Small Breed + 100% Raw Turkey.

Luna is thrilled with her PetSmart purchase of Wellness CORE RawRev for Dogs

Right now at PetSmart, you can save 50% off your second small bag of Wellness CORE RawRev when you buy two. That’s right it’s Buy One, Get One 50%. No coupon needed! The 4 lb size is a great way to test out the new recipe and see how your dog does on it. So far, we’ve had a lot of success!

If you are ready to commit to a larger sized bag of 20 lbs, you can also save $5 off your purchase!

Also, don’t forget that from now through the end of 2017, for every bag of pet food purchased PetSmart is donating one meal to a dog or cat in need in their “Buy a Bag, Give a Meal” program.

Buy a Bag of Wellness CORE RawRev for Dogs at PetSmart and Give a Meal!

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Unleash the Power of Raw.
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Do you feed raw? If not, why? Would you consider Wellness CORE RawRev?

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Introducing a Safe, Easy Raw Food Diet Through Wellness CORE RawRev for Dogs - Save at PetSmart!

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