Curiosity is a common trait among Beagles who are known for their nose to the ground approach on life. Luna certainly fits the mold. She is always ready to explore a new place and to go on a new adventure.

QUIZZICAL - Luna watches down below

Because of her innate curiosity, Luna is a mastered of the head tilt. If you have a delicious snack in hand, you can expect a quizzical look. A look that can only mean she is wondering “Why am I not eating that?” One of our recent Instagram photos where she caught me eating a banana without her is a perfect example!

Many things puzzle Luna like the awkward positions she has to sit in for some photo shoots or if I say “Do you wanna…” followed by any activity in a squeaky voice. I admit sometimes I’m super mean and do that just to see her tilt her head. But, that’s what she gets for being so darn cute!

Luna’s questioning expressions aren’t always a head tilt. She is so full of emotions and expressions that sometimes you can tell she is lost in thought from her eyes, her ears, or even her mouth.

52 Snapshots of Life - Photo Challenge - QUIZZICAL

It can be a lot of fun to try to figure out what your dog is thinking. In my house, those alleged thoughts sometimes even get put into words. While I write Beagles & Bargains in my voice, I’m still a dog nut who pretends to speak for my dog occasionally. And, hopefully I’m not alone in that.

To give Luna a bit of say, I’ve started a new fun series on Instagram called #ThoughtsWithLuna where you’ll see a cute picture of Luna paired with some insight into her thoughts when the photo was taken as translated by me. Keep an eye out for more of these fun photos coming soon.

Special Announcement…

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QUIZZICAL - Luna sniffs flowers

What puzzles your dog?

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Jessica Shipman
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