Accidents happen. Sometimes I am not always there when Luna has to relieve herself. Sometimes Luna decides to empty our kitchen trashcan all over our apartment. And sometimes, Luna just stinks.

Thankfully companies like Zero Odor make products to help combat these issues.

The Pet Multi Pack from Zero Odor plus a small bottle of Zero Odor General.

The Pet Multi Pack from Zero Odor plus a small bottle of Zero Odor General.

Let’s visit the incident when our apartment became covered in trash thanks to a little Beagle who smelled something delicious coming from the trashcan. Unfortunately there are no pictures. I wish I had some because you would not believe the mess.

What was in that trash can? Strawberries, pizza, expired meat, yogurt, egg shells and more.

Luna and I both learned some valuable lessons that day.

I need to eat more and throw away less.
Taking the trash out often is important.
The trashcan should probably go in a closet.
A Beagle who stuffs her face will not be a happy Beagle later.
Not dealing with a dozen bright red squished strawberries on tan carpet right away is a bad idea.


This all happened in the middle of our stressful move, but I still do not know why we did not deal with the stains right away. It sat there for a day, then a week, and then I thought “We have to move out soon!” I did not want to be slammed with a massive damage fee, so I finally got to it.

Strawberries stains in carpet are not normally a “pet stain” so I admit I did not try Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover first. The product I choose to use first was doing absolutely nothing for our week old strawberry stain, so I switched.

Here are the instructions according to the bottle:

Flush the area with water and blot dry. Spray on the stain. Rub gently with clean sponge. Blot again with white paper towel. Repeat for old or deep stains. Pre-test for color fastness and water staining. Do not use with other deodorizers or household cleaning and stain removal products. Do not apply on pets or people.

Repeat for old or deep stains? Way to go Jessica… A week late, but at least I followed the instructions (except I used a cloth instead of a sponge).

It took a little muscle and two cycles of using the stain remover, but the stain was gone and we moved out with $0 in damages. I was amazed.

Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover is not a spray a set stain remover, so it is by far not the easiest stain remover I have used. But it worked on a week old bright red stain which is absolutely a win in my book. The Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover is also non toxic to pets (and humans) and biodegradable, which is huge. I cannot put anything on the floor without Luna trying to eat it, so all my cleaning supplies have to be non toxic.

Enough with all these strawberries. You probably also want to know if it actually works on real pet stains. The answer is yes and photo proof is below. Just like the strawberries it takes a little muscle to work out the stains, but they are gone along with any odors.

Before and After

Zero Odor also offers two other pet products, Zero Odor Pet and Litter Spray, and their flagship product, Zero Odor. While at BlogPaws, the representatives demonstrated Zero Odor Pet, which is an odor eliminator, to me on an onion. I hate onions, so I had my reservations, but once the Zero Odor Pet was sprayed on the onion the terrible smell disappeared. There was no fragrance covering up the smell, it just vanished. Now if only they also made breath mints for my onion loving boyfriend…

Zero Odor is a little pricier than some other pet stain and odor eliminators, but it is not out of reach for bargain hunters. All three pet varieties can be purchased online at ZeroOdorPets.com and various other online retailers. A Pet Starter Kit, which contains one 16 oz bottle of Zero Odor Pet plus one 8 oz bottle of Zero Odor and one 4 oz bottle of Zero Odor, is $19.95. A Dog Starter Kit, which contains one 16 oz bottle Zero Odor Pet and one 16 oz bottle of Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover plus two 4 oz bottles of Zero Odor, is $29.95. There are several other starter kit options to choose from as well.

Disclaimer: I received the Zero Odor Pet Stain Remover and other Zero Odor products free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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