Bargain hunting and buying personalized high end pet fashion does not always go hand in hand. I always thought personalization was expensive and although it can be, Just4MyPet offers a few options that fit within a tight budget.

Beautiful (and witty?) pet trading cards from Just4MyPet.

Beautiful (and witty?) pet trading cards from Just4MyPet.

One of these budget options is the personalized trading cards set. Each set sells for $17 and comes with 15 cards and a plastic case to protect them. Just4MyPet made Luna a free set of her own trading cards for BlogPaws 2013. The cards look and feel great! They are wonderful for including in cards, using as business cards, or just sharing with friends and family.

The cards are very customizable and can be designed right on the website. You start by picking a layout from 33 different options including ones for both cats and dogs. Then you choose your photo and text. Once you are happy with your design, you just have to submit it (and pay for it) then wait for it to be delivered.

Just4MyPet also offers a wide range of higher end items that are perfect for special occasions and those days you just want to splurge and spoil your pooch.

Luna has never looked cuter as she does in her Just4MyPet Personalized Raincoat.

Luna has never looked cuter as she does in her Just4MyPet Personalized Raincoat.

Luna was sent a free personalized raincoat to try out and review. If you have never seen a beagle in a raincoat, you are missing out.

Luna does not mind wearing clothes, but I do not usually see the point. She is normally running around au naturel. The Just4MyPets Personalized Raincoat changes things as it has both purpose and extreme levels of cuteness.

It used to be a drag to go on walks while it was raining. Luna does not like getting wet, so she would always pull and pull and pull on the leash. It was also raining, which does not exactly scream happiness. Now when we go on walks I get to look at the cutest beagle prancing around in a bright orange raincoat. Instant happiness.

Luna is also happy because this raincoat keeps the rain off of her. More importantly it does not slow her down. She can run, roll, wiggle, and walk just like she can without the coat.

Luna's Just4MyPet Personalized Raincoat makes her stand out in bright orange.

Luna’s Just4MyPet Personalized Raincoat makes her stand out in bright orange.

I love the bright orange color of this raincoat. Not only does it look adorable on Luna, but it also makes her more visible at night and during the rain or thunderstorms which is a wonderful safety feature.

The raincoat itself is well made, seems durable, and fits well. It does not have any felt or fleece on the underside of the coat that could irritate Luna. It is also light weight enough to use during the summer or to layer in the winter. Like most dog coats, it has a hole for a leash, but it also has a handy pocket. This pocket can be used to fold the raincoat up into and store. I personally like using it to store a few poop bags. If Luna carries them with her, then we will never be without one when we need it. The raincoat is a little pricey though at $49.

The raincoat was personalized with her name embroidered on the back and it looks great! It is a nice feature that adds a little extra personality to the coat. The only downside of personalized products is that they may take a little while to get. The processing time is 7-10 days and shipping will be a few days more depending on what method you choose.

Just4MyPet offers thousands of other personalized products, most of which are for pets. The personalization is always free and if you spend $49 or more shipping is free too. Right now, new customers can save an additional 10% on their purchase with the promo code WELCOME10.

Personalization is always free at Just4MyPet!

Personalization is always free at Just4MyPet!

Along with the great product offering, Just4MyPet is giving back to animals in need. For every order placed, Just4MyPet will donate $1 to help provide humane care for abandoned, abused, or homeless companion animals in need. The funds go directly to one featured animal in need. You can read more about Just4MyPet’s current featured animal in need here.

To help reduce the number of lost or homeless animals, Just4MyPet also offers a free personalized ID tag. The free tags are silver and can have name and contact information engraved on them. There are three sizes available (small, medium, and large) and three different shape options (bone, heart, and circle). Shipping is not included and there is a one free tag per order limit.

Disclaimer: I received pet trading cards and a personalized raincoat from Just4MyPet free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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