If you have never visited dogIDs.com, you may not know how many products they offer! With a huge selection of personalized dog collars, leashes, ids, and more, it is a dog lovers dream (and a bit overwhelming)!

Even with all the options, the website made it easy to find Luna’s next collar. She picked the Mendota Rolled Braided Dog Collar with a Personalized Metal Buckle.

The Mendota Rolled Braided Dog Collar comes with a personalize buckle! No need for an id!

The Mendota Rolled Braided Dog Collar comes with a personalize buckle! No need for an id!

What is a personalized metal buckle? Why it is a dog tag built right into the collar! Now I do not need to worry about Luna’s tags (and she has a lot of tags) getting caught or falling off.

A personalized collar means there were a lot of decisions to be made.

Color: As her previous collar was green, Luna chose to spice things up and go with purple. I love the way the color looks on her. Nice choice, Luna! It was very well represented by the photos online. The other colors available are also wonderful and vibrant.

Luna strikes a pose in her new collar from dogIDs.com

Luna strikes a pose in her new collar from dogIDs.com

Size: This one was pretty easy, but we measured Luna’s neck just to be sure. Luna’s neck is right around 12 inch, which is as small as this collar can go. Unfortunately, dogs with even smaller necks will have to pick a different collar.

Text: Again, an easy one! We got Luna’s name and my phone number.

Font: Wait, we get to pick our font?! Yes! This is both awesome and terrible. Luna’s collar is unique and more expressive than your standard Arial or Times New Roman, but how does one decide the best font for a dog’s tag?! I let my boyfriend do it. That is how. We picked Rockwell and it looks great.

Luna looks pretty stylish in her new collar. The quality is great and the collar seems really durable. The quality of the engraving is also excellent. It does seem to get a little bulky where the collar folds over itself, but that does not seem to bother Luna. My only disappointment is the buckle. While I love that the buckle is engraved as a built in ID tag, the outer piece is metal and the inner is plastic. I am a little wary that over time the plastic piece might not hold up, but I have no evidence of that. Overall, we are thrilled with Luna’s new Mendota Rolled Braided Collar.

The Mendota Rolled Braided Collar sells for $25.

Mendota Products, the maker of the collar, is only located about four hours away from dogIDs in Shoreview, MN. Everything they make and dogIDs sells in USA made!

A dog cannot be fashionable without accessories.

What goes better with a new collar than a Virginia Tech dog tag?! Unfortunately, dogIDs does not (yet) have Cornell University dog tags, so Luna picked a Virginia Tech one. I guess we can support the boyfriend’s school since he helped picking out fonts and all.

The dog tag looks great too! The colors are perfect and so is the engraving. The tag will definitely be as durable as Luna’s other dog tags. Plus, there are many other sport and collegiate tags to choose from if you are not fans of Virginia Tech.

A fancy Virginia Tech dog tag makes a great accessory!

A fancy Virginia Tech dog tag makes a great accessory!

The Virginia Tech Dog Tag and most other sport dog tags cost $15. Each tag comes with both a S-hook and a split ring, so you can attach it how you please! Some tags also come with a tag silencer, if that is your thing. We are not using it because I like the noise Luna’s tags make. How else would I know when she is stealing a whole chicken off the counter?

My favorite thing about dogIDs is that it did not take forever to get Luna’s new collar and dog tag. Often, when you order a personalized item online it can take a few weeks to arrive. With dogIDs, production time is only estimated to be 1-2 days for these two items, so it took only six days to receive our package!

If you are interested in getting your own Mendota Rolled Braided Collar, Virginia Tech Dog Tag, or any other product sold by dogIDs, as a reader of Beagles and Bargains you can 15% off your entire order!

Enter the promo code beagle15 at checkout anytime now through August 31, 2013 to take advantage of this offer!

Disclaimer: I received dogIDs.com product free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning this product in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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