Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

Today we are discussing non-food possible Thanksgiving hazards for pets as day two of our Thanksgiving Pet Safety Series. Yesterday I shared Thanksgiving Foods to Avoid giving to pets and tomorrow come back for Tips for a Successful Holiday.

Possible Thanksgiving Hazards

Possible Thanksgiving Hazards

Food Wrappings
Aluminum foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap may be covered in remnants of fragrant and flavorful Thanksgiving morsels that may attract your pets to sneak a taste. Not only might these food remnants be harmful for your pets, but if the food wrappings are consumed, they can cause intestinal blockages, so make sure they make it securely into the trash.

Hazardous food remnants and wrappings may make their way into the trash, but be sure the garbage itself is secured from your pet. The aromas and flavors will definitely attract a hungry dog, so keep your trash can out of reach or behind a closed door.

Always keep pets in mind when decorating! Keep electrical cords, glass, and anything chewable out of reach. Be sure all low level plants and flowers are pet friendly in case someone decides to take a nibble.

A burning candle can easily be knocked over by a wagging tail, inquisitive paw, or a rambunctious wiggling butt and pose a huge fire hazard. Keep candles on high shelves or mantels and always use appropriate candle holders on a stable surface. Don’t ever leave a burning candle unattended, so if you leave the room put the candle out!

Thanksgiving revolves around the kitchen, so it is guaranteed to be busy and crammed. Keeping your pets out of the kitchen and out from under your feet will be safer for everyone.

Guests With Good Intentions
Family and friends may not be knowledgeable about what and what isn’t safe for your pets to eat. Don’t be afraid to educate them on safety hazards. TIP: Make or purchase a festive pet safe holiday treat and encourage your guests to give them instead of table scraps.

What precautions do you take for a pet safe holiday celebration?

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