Back in March at the Global Pet Expo, I had the privilege of meeting a true inspiration, Kathleen Hillman. I have to be honest before the Global Pet Expo, I had no desire to train Luna to go to the bathroom inside on pee pads or anything else, but Kathleen changed that.

There I was introduced to the product she created, the Piddle Place. I was pleasantly surprised at how ingenious the design was and wondered, “Why has no one ever thought of this before?”

What really struck me was how genuine and how much of an animal lover Kathleen was. She told tales of how she donates Piddle Places to rescues often to help make the fostering and adoption process even easier.

The Piddle Place is essentially an indoor puppy potty. It serves a similar purpose to common pee pads, but is reusable, environmentally friendly, and less messy and smelly.

Bio+ Bio-Enzyme Treatment for Piddle Place

Kathleen developed the Piddle Place after training her dog, Kippers, to use pee pads when she had to work long hours. She was disappointed in the appearance and smell of the pads, so she moved onto different options that were in the market, but still couldn’t find a solution. After going through various options she was designed the Piddle Place with traits that were missing. Kathleen also worked with her cousin, Karen, to develop a way to limit bacterial contact from the pet waste and of course odors.

That solution is a Bio-Enzyme Treatment that is custom for the Piddle Place. It eliminates sources of odor in a natural process that is safe for both humans and pets.

The Piddle Place itself is made of sturdy molded plastic with an artificial turf. It can hold up to 100 lbs, but is best used for dogs shorter than 28 inches long, so they don’t miss when it’s time to go. It measures 19″ x 30″ x 1.5″, which is a bit large, but it is still easy to transport. The Piddle Place is lightweight and flat and it comes with a cover, so it easily can be packed into a car for a vacation.

Piddle Place Cover

In addition to vacations, the Piddle Place is great for apartment living. Trust me I know that sometimes you can only walk up and down four flights of stairs so many times a day. It works great for puppies and senior dogs, who may be a little quick on the trigger.

Set up is quick and easy. All you need to do is mix one packet of the Bio-Enzyme Treatment with 1 cup of water, then pour it into the base. Replace the turf on top and add a splash/privacy guard if you have one.

You can also hook the Piddle Place up to a hose if it is on a porch to flush out the bad stuff. This can help you save on the Bio-Enzyme Treatment and is a great idea for rescues.

Piddle Place with Splash Guard

The Piddle Place is designed, so that you don’t have to have any direct contact with the yucky stuff. The quick drain spout means you to no longer touch wet pads or struggle at getting stains out of your carpet. The easy open valve creates a water tight seal when closed, but can be easily poured directly into a toilet with no mess or spills. The groove and drainage system prevents your dog’s paws from touching the waste. They’ll only come in contact with the porous artificial turf.

The Piddle Place reservoir can hold a gallon of pet waste, but it is recommended to drain at least once a week for most dogs.

The Piddle Place is also more attractive than pee pads or other solutions. I don’t know that a waste system will ever be beautiful, so I can’t claim that it will match your living room decor, but the Piddle Place is as close as it gets to waste system beauty. After all, I bet you don’t exactly think your toilet is a work of art either.

This is definitely an upfront investment, but in the end it is less expensive than most alternatives because it is reusable.

Luna on her Piddle Place

Right now there is a Super Saver Offer for $99.99, which includes the Base Unit, a free Travel Cover, a free Splash Guard, and 8 weeks of free Enzyme Treatment. This deal also includes a subscription to a new 8 week supply of treatment every 8 weeks for $29.98 + S&H, which you can cancel at any time.

The Base Unit itself costs $119.99 and a free travel cover.

You can also subscribe separately to 8 Weeks of Enzyme Treatment for $29.98 or make a one time purchase for $35.99. Both of these options include a mixing bottle. If you’d like to be even more environmentally friendly, you can get a 20 weeks supply with no bottle for $74.99.

Plus replacement turf is just $24.99.

All of these options are avialable for purchase in the Piddle Place’s online store.

Kathleen and the Piddle Place offers a 100% product satisfaction guarantee and if the product arrives damaged or breaks within the first 90 days, you can get a free replacement!

The Piddle Place also offers help on training your dog to use it. Both a video and training guide are available.

Disclaimer: Piddle Place provided product free to review. I received no compensation or additional benefits for mentioning the products in this post. The opinions and ideas in this post are my own and are uninfluenced by any other person or business.

Jessica Shipman
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