A lot of works goes into the photos you see here on Beagles & Bargains. We have photo shoots both inside and outside. We use props and go through tons of treats. And sometimes things just don’t go as planned.

Just because some of the photos aren’t quite what I was looking for, doesn’t mean they aren’t great. In some cases they are actually fantastic and hilarious. Usually most of these don’t even see the light of day. Only getting a few chuckles from me while I’m editing the photos.

BUT, thankfully these photos finally have a place – The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round Up. This is a monthly challenge for pet bloggers like yours truly to share the best bloopers from the previous month.

This month features Luna trying and failing to model her Valentine Sweetheart Costume.

Luna fails to model - Pet Blogger Bloopers

Luna fails to model - Pet Blogger Bloopers

And of course, it also features Ralph causing a ruckus. You can’t blame him though. It was his first photo shoot!

Ralph and Luna can't keep a straight face - Pet Blogger Bloopers

Since I missed the first round up in January (remember my unexpected hiatus?), I’ve also got a few great ones from our big blizzard a few weeks ago. Two dogs in 2.5+ feet of snow has to be hilarious, right?

Just keep running and running in the snow - Bloopers

Squinty dogs in snow - Bloopers

And since I couldn’t pick just a few, I made a GIF so you can experience Luna and Ralph swimming through all that snow.

Luna and Ralph swim through 2.5 feet of snow in Winter Storm Jonas - Bloopers

Oh and of course, there is so much wet and cold that comes with snow, so Luna couldn’t hold her tongue and just had to howl her little head off until she was back snuggled on our warm couch.

Luna is not a fan of all this snow - Bloopers

You can also check out other bloopers from this month’s The Pet Blogger Bloopers Round Up by clicking below!

Jessica Shipman
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