Pet Technology is a vastly growing market. There are so many devices that can help you track you pet’s fitness level or help find them if they get lost. There are automatic feeders and treat dispensers. Fountains that filter water and tools to remind you for regular check ups or a time to dispense medicine.

With all this booming technology, Luna decided that it was time to add a new course over at Luna’s Academy. Introducing Pet Technology 101, which is available for the first time this year.

All of the students are eager to learn and are ready to ask questions like “How do you use this?”, “Why are there so many bright lights?”, and “Does this have to be so loud?” But the most asked question is “How can we distract the humans from it?”

Luna teaches a class about pet technology to her mice and rat friends

Luna teaches her students that with a little hard work and dedication, taking control of a laptop really isn’t that hard. You just whine a little and lay on top of it. Then the attention is all yours!

Which student will be at the top of the class in Pet Technology?

But what happens when one of Luna’s students is caught texting during class? No more cheese for you!

One of Luna's students was caught texting in class!

Luna and her students at Luna's Academy

Welcome to Pet Technology 101 at Luna's Academy!

What pet technology would you like to learn about?

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Jessica Shipman
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