The best idea ever. That is what it is.

Over Memorial Day weekend, Luna attended a local festival with me and my boyfriend. We planned ahead, so we brought enough water for all of us. I also planned to avoid walking on too much asphalt, so Luna’s paws wouldn’t get burned.

What I was not expecting was a cool down station dedicated entirely to pets!

A local animal hospital, The Hope Center, sponsored a tent with this very purpose. The tent was equipped with mist, water for drinking, and water for swimming!

Initially, we just walked in to enjoy the mist. We all enjoyed the cool down, but none of the pets wanted to go swimming. That is until a Golden Retriever jumped in and started rolling around.

Golden Retriever in Pet Cool Down Zone

He definitely showed everyone how it was done!

Golden Retriever in Pet Cool Down Zone

After our golden friend finished his turn in the pool, Luna went for a swim stand. The water wasn’t deep enough for a real swim, so Luna just waded a little bit.

Luna in Pet Cool Down Zone

She was unsure at first, but I think she would go back again.

Luna in Pet Cool Down Zone

This Pet Cool Down Zone truly was for all kinds of pets. There was a reptile enjoying the mist too. You may have spotted him in the photos with the Golden Retriever. While I’m not sure exactly what kind of reptile he was, the best guesses from our Facebook fans were Tegu or Monitor Lizard.

Lizard in Pet Cool Down Zone

I was so impressed with the idea of a Pet Cool Down Zone that I wanted to thank The Hope Center and encourage others to follow suit.

The next time you see your vet, or any vet, at a local outdoor festival mention the idea to them. You never know; a Pet Cool Down Zone could come to a festival near you!

Jessica Shipman
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