One of the most important decisions you make as a pet parent is what food to buy. We all want our choice to be good, healthy, and natural, but not break the bank. We want our pets to eat the best, so they can live long and healthy lives.

With all of the different options out on the market, sometimes it is hard to determine just what is the best. To make this process easier, I often turn to reliable stores who I trust to only stock the very best. One of these online stores is Only Natural Pet®, which strives to help pets live happy, natural lives.

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I love shopping on Only Natural Pet because I know I can find quality pet products at affordable prices. They even carry one of Luna’s favorites – Himalayan Chews! To top it all off they have frequent sales, discounts, and coupons available. Be sure to follow them on social media or subscribe to their newsletter for that information.

Luna with her Only Natural Pet Canine PowerStew

Only Natural Pet not only stocks trusted pet products, but they produce some of the best themselves. They have been offering a line of dry dog food called Canine PowerFood and as an extension they are launching a new canned dog food option called Canine PowerStew™.

The new PowerStew is a chunky style natural dog food, which is made of highly palatable ingredients with a hydrating, flavorful broth. I was really impressed with how many meat chunks were able to fit into the can. Plus, they were appropriately sized for Luna to eat right out of the can!

Real meat chunks in Only Natural Pet Canine PowerStew

PowerStew comes in three different flavors: Chicken & Liver Feast, Turkey & Duck Feast, Beef & Lamb Feast. The limited ingredient recipes also make PowerStew an allergy friendly dog food option.

Each 13 oz can contains high quality protein as the first ingredient along with real veggies. Each recipe is also grain free and Carrageenan free. The PowerStew recipes were holistically formulated by a holistic veterinarian and made in the USA.

Luna can't wait for her Only Natural Pet Canine PowerStew

Luna first tried out the Beef & Lamb Feast and shouldn’t couldn’t keep her paws off. This was definitely one of the most challenging photo shoots I’ve done since Luna really just wanted to enjoy her delicious feast and couldn’t be bothered to sit and pose for a few photos. Once I finally gave her the okay, she thoroughly enjoyed it!

What flavor of Canine PowerStew would your dog most enjoy?

Jessica Shipman
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