A to Z Blogging Challenge - Letter NSunday we had our Second Annual Dog Easter Egg Hunt. Last year, Luna was a bit unsure about the hunt, but loved cracking open the eggs to find delicious treats.

This year Luna loved it. We hid 15 eggs with tiny treats and pieces of banana. Her nose was working in over time to find all of the eggs. Next year I’ll have to spread the eggs further apart when I hide them because she found them all way too quick.

The egg hunt is great for nose work practice. It can be done indoors or outdoors any time of year. This is also a great activity for when the weather may not be so nice.

Luna searches for Easter Eggs

Once Luna found all the eggs she was a bit upset that the hunt was over.

Luna is disappointed the Easter Egg Hunt didn't go on forever.

Luna is disappointed the Easter Egg Hunt didn’t go on forever.

Don’t worry though. After the Easter Egg Hunt, Luna got in plenty of rolling in the grass and that put a smile right back on her face.

Luna rolls in the grass

Luna also got her Easter Basket a bit early this weekend.

Luna enjoys her Easter Basket

Luna enjoys her Easter Basket

Do you have any spring holiday traditions?

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Jessica Shipman
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