This year the folks at Wellness Pet Food have been busy creating quality additions to their line of dog food and treats. Ralph and Luna have been lucky enough to try a few of them and they are finally ready to share!

Back in April, the pups tried out a brand new grain-free recipe from Wellness’s Complete Health pet food line. Three new recipes were added to give dogs quality natural nutrition without grains and fillers. We opted to try the Whitefish & Menhaden Fish Meal Recipe because I was looking for more unique proteins to add to Luna and Ralph’s diet.

Both pups gobbled up their meals with no issue and did great on them as their primary diet.

Wellness adds two new dog food products this year - Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free and Wellness TruFood Complements

A grain-free diet is great for dogs with active lifestyles. The lack of grains means each kibble piece is packed with more protein! This means meals will be more filling and could save you money because you might need to feed slightly less. Or conversely, it provides more active dogs more energy without having to feed extra food full of fillers.

Complete Health Grain-Free Recipes are enriched with whole fruits, vegetables, and other natural plant life. Each recipe is designed to satisfy pup with an easily-digested meal.

But Wellness didn’t stop there! Later on this year, they launched a yummy meal topper called TruFood Complements. This new addition allows pet parents to do a bit more for their pets by sprucing up meals with ingredients they trust.

TruFood Complements are available in four recipes for dogs and four recipes for cats. Each recipe features no more than five whole food ingredients.

Wellness TruFood Complements new this year!

Ralph and Luna tried two of the recipes as meal toppers. We selected the Tuna, Beef & Carrots in Broth and the Chicken Breast, Salmon & Pumpkin in Broth recipes because we were feeling a little fishy. If you are looking for more traditional flavors, they also have Chicken Breast, Chicken Liver & Broccoli in Broth and Chicken Breast, Beef & Carrots in Broth recipes as well!

When I gave TruFood Complements to Ralph and Luna, I just put some on top of their existing kibble. I adjusted how much kibble I gave them to offset the extra calories and nutrients while still keeping their bellies full and them full of energy.

They LOVED the yummy new treat and devoured it quickly after I put it down. Ralph made sure to lick every single centimeter of both bowls clean.

If you have a picky eater or a pup who needs to be enticed to eat a bit, I would recommend trying TruFood Complements! Though this isn’t a problem in my house, the simple ingredients are very palatable and easy on a dog’s stomach. Plus, the moisture draws out a lot more smell and flavor that any dog will enjoy.

On top of these two great food products, Wellness also launched several new treats this year! We were lucky enough to hear about them while we were at BlogPaws back in June.

Ralph with new treats from Wellness Pet Food - WellBars and CORE Marrow Roasts

Under their CORE line, Wellness launched two new treats – Pure Rewards and Marrow Roasts. Pure Rewards are grain-free jerky treats for dogs and they come in four flavors – Beef, Chicken & Lamb, Turkey, and Venison Jerky.

Marrow Roasts are protein packed morsels that are made with real marrow. All recipes are grain-free wholesome crunchy biscuits that are great for bringing along on your next road trip or day drive with your dog.

Wellness also recently updated the recipe of two of their popular dog treats. That’s right the WellBars and WellBites are now grain-free! They are completely rid of corn, soy, artificial colors and flavors!

WellBites are soft chewy treats that are rich in Omega fatty acids. Five flavors are currently available – Turkey & Duck, Lamb & Salmon, Chicken & Venison, Beef & Turkey, and Chicken & Lamb!

Luna with new treats from Wellness Pet Food - WellBars and CORE Marrow Roasts

WellBars on the other hand are crunchy dog treats. Though the recipe has changed, they still come in five great flavors – Yogurt, Apples & Bananas, Crunchy Peanuts & Honey, Lamb & Apples, Whitefish & Sweet Potato, and Chicken & Cheddar Cheese!

I’ve been super impressed with all the improvements and new additions to Wellness’s line of dog food and treats. I can’t wait to see what else they will add in the future. And, Ralph and Luna will keep asking for more!

Has your dog tried any of the new products from Wellness yet?

Jessica Shipman
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