For the past few months I have been thinking about where Beagles and Bargains is going. Lost and confused, I have put a lot of great blog ideas on hold. Unsure if they would have the right content to peak your interest and engage you. Unsure if they were right for Beagles and Bargains.

It has been driving me crazy because I feel like I have been aimlessly wandering.

One of the biggest challenges for me in running Beagles and Bargains is learning to say no to product review opportunities that do no directly move Beagles and Bargains towards the goal of becoming a dependable money savvy pet parenting blog. The bargain hunter in me just screams with excitement every time I have the chance to get something for free or at a discount. Just ask my boyfriend about my problems with after holiday clearance sales.

While sometimes I end up with some very cool and useful things at a great deal, I also manage to acquire a whole bunch of extra crap. I think my approach at this blog has resulted in the same thing — absolutely not to say the products I have reviewed are crap. All those opinions are honest; I promise.

I want to change all of that. Just like I want to learn to let go of my belongings and prevent myself from becoming a hoarder (I am only somewhat kidding), I want to see Beagles and Bargains flourish as a dependable, informative, and witty blog. I want to feel proud of what this blog is. I want to keep you coming back.

Moving forward, while I am not going to cut out product reviews all together, I will say no when they are not appropriate. I will be keeping Thrifty Thursday, but will be cutting down the content to only feature items that are really worth it. And if there are no products that earn the stamp of approval, then we just will not get Thrifty that week.

I will be adding more interesting and informative content. At least I think it will be and if it isn’t I want you to tell me. I cannot deny that I am still new to both blogging and pet parenting. I am still learning — I like to think that we all are. While the lessons will probably continue forever, I have already learned so much from you, fellow pet bloggers, Luna, and of course Google.

One thing that will not change is how adorable, smart, and awesome Luna is. Do not worry, I will keep those cute dog photos coming.

Cute Luna photo

Jessica Shipman
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