You know that thing that happens when you spend so much time with someone because you like spending time with them that they start to get under your skin? Everything they do drives you nuts but you can’t (and probably shouldn’t) say anything because they are your very best friend.

Welp. I’m going to address it because it is about time Luna and I had the talk about boundaries.

We are going on about a month of being stuck inside in close quarters alone together. You see, in December we went to visit family and traveled in a mini van from Virginia to Missouri with four people and two dogs. Then we spent about a week in a house with fourteen people and three dogs. And THEN we made the two day trip back in the mini van. Oh you were looking for some privacy? Good luck.

Nuts, right?

So then we came back home and were ABANDONED by my boyfriend for a two week trip to California.

Then things got cold. Like ice falling from the sky, do your business only walks cold.

Hey Luna, Can I have my arm back please?

So we spent most of these two weeks snuggled together for warmth under every blanket in my apartment. Sounds good right?

It was nice at first. After all there is nothing toastier than a warm Beagle curled up by your feet.

But then that Beagle takes it upon herself to use her cold nose in a variety surprise attacks in the middle of the night. Oh and don’t forget the licking. THE LICKING.

And it doesn’t stop there.

It takes a lot of effort to really warm up a spot on the couch on a cold winter night. You know like a good 20 minutes or so. But then the tea kettle goes off or I have to go to the bathroom (from drinking all the tea), so I have to get up for just a minute!

I can call fives, I can say stay, I can even give the look, but my spot is as good as gone.

Luna wants more blankets please!

Upon my return, there in my seat will be a little ball of fur soaking in all the warmth I just worked so hard to create. When I tell her to move, she just looks up at me with the big brown eyes and says “To the cold?”

Yes Luna. To the cold. Make your own warmth, sheesh.

Then when I go to delicately slide her over she moans and groans with such disapproval. It’s not like I moved her to Siberia. We are still sharing a blanket.

My dog thinks my leg is a pillow

So is Spring here yet?

I think my life might depend on it. Our last few walks have resulted with me tied in knots and running way too fast down four flights of stairs to keep up with my dog who just can’t wait to get out of that place. I guess the phenomenon works both ways.

If you have experienced a similar level of clinginess, you may also be interested in my proven method to Avoid Getting Snuggled to Death by Your Dog.

Jessica Shipman
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