For Halloween this year, I headed to NYC to visit some old friends. Since Luna would be staying with my parents and Cousin Keto, I wanted to make sure we could do some Halloween celebrating together. First, I tried to dress Luna up in costume as much as I possibly could. She was a little hesitant the first time, but she got so much positive love and attention that she started to ham it up.

Luna hangs out with Chloe the Triceratops.

You should have seen her when I brought her by our apartment complex’s office for their Halloween competition. She ran there, just looking back to say “Can’t you run any faster?” Once we got there, she was all smiles and happily performed her tricks for extra love and treats.

The weekend before Halloween Luna got to go trick or treating! A local animal rescue, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, and an organization for domestic abuse, Doorways for Women and Families, hosted a trick or treat fundraiser for pups. It was a $30 donation to participate, but Luna had an absolute blast.

Luna meets a new friend dressed as Lion.

She got so many free treats and made tons of new friends. There was even a Halloween costume competition where she got an Honorable Mention for her Mini M&Ms costume! Her costume didn’t even slow her down at all. Look at that jump (and excuse the blurry photo)!

Mini M&Ms can do agility too!

There were tons of other fantastic dog costumes including Dinosaurs, Harry Potter, a Lion, and a French Bulldog. All the costumes gave some great ideas for next year, so I can’t wait for the next Halloween!

It's Harry Potter!

Is that a Labradoodle or a Turtle?

A little pup dressed as Eeyore

Great fun at the Howl-o-ween Dog Walk!

Just remember that although trick or treating is over there may a few lingering pieces of candy and chocolate on the ground. I know I have had to wrestle a few out of Luna’s mouth this week.

Normally Luna is so fast when it comes to snatching snacks off of the ground, but earlier this week she was ridiculously tired from spending time with Cousin Keto over the weekend. While we were on our walk, she caught a glimpse of a gummy bear on the ground and slowly made her approach. Her teeth were just about to close down on the chewy snack when I told her no. She slowly stepped back, closed her mouth, and then looked at me as if to say “It probably wouldn’t have tasted that good anyway.”

Who are you?! What have you done with my food hound?!

Then I looked into those big brown eyes of hers and knew that she just needed a good nap. Don’t worry. She is right back at trying to eating everything.

Did your dog participate in any Halloween festivities?

Jessica Shipman
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