Fall is one of my favorite times of the year because I am able to comfortably spend a lot of time outside. The weather feels so fresh and crisp. It’s warm enough to stay outside for a few hours, but cool enough that you want to snuggle in an old sweatshirt. The perfect balance for a good hike!

Thankfully even though Luna is small, she is quite the hiking machine and loves to come with me. Last weekend, we explored a new hiking trail in Northern Virginia, so it was important that Luna stay fueled for the adventure.

Happy Pets are #PinnacleHeathyPets

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What is Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food?

Pinnacle is a natural, holistic dog food brand that strives to provide kibble options made of the best ingredients. Pinnacle has always used holistic health ingredients likes quinoa, pumpkin, sea kelp, flax seed, blueberries, sweet potatoes, and cottage cheese. Since May 2015, Pinnacle switched over all their recipes to be grain free to help facilitate easier digestion.

"Can I please have some Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food already?" -Luna

Pinnacle has been making small batches of natural dog food in their California plant since 1998. Pinnacle’s recipes feature antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and fiber to encourage healthy digestion. The dog food recipes are also formulated to promote joint health and overall muscle tone.

Their recipes are well balanced and provide sound nutrition by using natural sources of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, so they are a great choice for adventurous dogs. Since Pinnacle recipes are grain free and use a limited number of ingredients (LID), they are also good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Luna is excited to try Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food

Luna Tries Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food

One of my favorite things about Pinnacle is the inclusion of unique proteins like salmon. Luna has been trying the Salmon & Potato recipe with excitement! She loves the taste and I love that I can rotate her primary protein to something as beneficial as salmon

Pinnacle’s six different recipes make a rotation diet easy, which helps me prevent Luna from gaining a food sensitivity for any one protein! Pinnacle’s other recipes include Chicken & Vegetable, Trout & Sweet Potato (I think we’ll try this one next), Duck & Sweet Potato, Peak Protein, and Turkey & Potato.

Since switching over to Pinnacle, Luna has been as healthy as ever and is always ready to go on a new adventure!

Struan, Luna, and Cousin Keto at Scott's Run Nature Preserve

Where to Buy Pinnacle Grain Free Dog Food

Pinnacle products are available for purchase at various online stores including Amazon and Pet Food Direct. You can also find a physical store near you by using Pinnacle’s Store Locator.

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Learn More About Pinnacle

You can learn more about Pinnacle by visiting PinnaclePet.com and by following Pinnacle on Facebook and Twitter.

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What Fall Adventures have you enjoyed with your dog this year?

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