Right now Luna is a dog of interest and is a primary suspect for a horrible crime! Late last night our dear friend, Mr. Fluffy Caterpillar, was MURDERED! He was found torn to pieces and his fluff was distributed all around our living room. All the other dog toys have been notified of this terrible loss.

Luna was caught red handed at the scene of the crime, but she is crying that she was framed for the murder! I just don’t know what to believe.

Luna caught red handed at the crime scene

Luna says there is no way that she could have committed such a horrible crime. She treats her toys with kindness and respect all the time! But, the evidence says otherwise.

Luna was framed for dog toy murder!

To further, prove her innocent Luna tried playing dead herself. Saying she was so sadden by the loss of Mr. Fluffy Caterpillar, but I don’t think that will stand in court!

Luna plays dead to prove herself innocent

What do you think? Is Luna guilty or innocent?

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Jessica Shipman
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